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segment nine

Ike decided that he wanted to be the one to hide. Tay, Zac, Michael, Samantha, Jessica, Avery, Mackenzie, and I all went into my sister's room and counted to 100.

"Ready or not, here we all come!" we yelled. It was funny that we were all playing a silly, but fun, child's game.

Slowly and carefully, we made our way out of the room, one behind the other, and began to look for Ike. I stayed close to Taylor as we looked in all the closets and bathrooms upstairs. We all split up so it would be faster.

After searching every single nook and crany that we thought possible, we still hadn't found him. We all met up in the living room and made sure we had visited everywhere.

"All right Ike! Make a noise to give us a clue to where in the house that you!" yelled Zac.

"Cccoookkie Crisp!" yelled a muffled voice coming from down the hallway.

"All right. Lets go find the cookie crisp dog," said Tay and we headed in the direction of the voice.

We checked the bedrooms down the hallway. No Ike. We checked the bathrooms. Still no Ike. We checked the closets. And again no Ike. Where was he hiding?

"Are you sure we checked ALL the bathtubs and sink cabinets?" I asked them all. They nodded.

"Did we look in all the shelves of the closets?" Zac asked.

"I thought we did," replyed Tay.

"Maybe he was moving around while we were looking so we wouldn't find him anywhere," suggested Jessica.

"You know, he could have done that." That was my sister.

We decided to check one more time. Michael and Mackie went first into my parent's walk-in closet. We looked around. We checked in the shelves, behind the clothes, under the blankets, but we couldn't find him.

"Ca chink, rustle, CRACK!" went something in the closet. We looked up, but couldn't see anything.

"Was that..." I started.

"IKE!" we all screamed as he jumped down from the highest shelf. We all struggled to get out the door as he chased after us like a mad-man. "ARGH! Rawl!" yelled Ike. Man, he was really into the game.

Mackie, Michael, and Zac slammed and locked my brother's door. Jessica and Avery ran into Samantha's room. Tay, Samantha, and I headed for my room downstairs.

I guess we were all just to slow to run away from, hyper and fast, long-legged Ike. He dove at us, grabbed me, and hauled me up over his shoulders.

"All right Ike! You've scared us. We found you. Now put me down."

"Nope! Don't think so," he said and carried me back-upstairs. I was NOT in a very comfortable position.

"Isaac, come on man. Put her down," Tay told him. My sister was laughing at the way I looked.

Ike turned me upside down and I could feel the blood rushing to my head.

"Ow," I managed to choke out as I turned red. "Put me down. Stop being so hyper."

Fortunetely, my mom came into the room at that moment, took one look at me, looked at Ike, and he obediently put me down on the couch so she wouldn't freak or something.

Finally! I could breathe again!

"Jessie, Avie, Mackie, Sam, Mike, You can all come out now!" Tay called down the hall.

They came out of the rooms and decided that they wanted to play again! It was my turn, then Tays, and then Zac took a chance. But that was all the time we had.

"All right guys and gals, it's time for the younger ones to go to bed," my mom interupted us. Then she directed to Ike, Tay, Zac, and I, "You guys can stay up for a little longer, just be quiet and make sure you're in bed by midnight." She smiled and went back to whatever she had been doing before.

I looked at the clock. It was 10:30 pm. The four of us ran downstairs and wondered what we should do to waste our time.

"Hey!" said Zac, "I didn't know you had Nintendo and Sony Playstation!"

"Well, yea, we do."

"Lets play some," he said and began searching through the games. He picked out Ridge Racer Revolution for SP.

"Let's pick teams! I'm with Zac!" I told them.

"I guess that means I'm with Ike," said Tay.

It was my turn and I was racing against Ike with Tay and Zac cheering both of us on. 'No, no, no!' I thought as Ike sped up in front of me. The finish line was only a little further. If only I could... too late. He crossed it with me only a centimeter behind.

"Ahh, pooh!" I said and gave him a look while he put a look of triumph on his face. I handed the controller to Zac so he could race with Tay.

Ike snickered. "What?" I asked him.

He leaned over to whisper in my ear: "Don't look now, but I think Blondie over there is going miss his turn because his eyes are glued to you."

I looked over at Tay. He had a huge smile on his face and he was staring straight at my... well lets just say he was of in la la land gazing at me.

"Umm... Tay," I said and waved my hand in front of his face to get his attention. He snapped awake and sputtered out, "Huh? What? Where are we... what are we doing..."

"You don't want to miss your turn do you?" Zac asked.

He looked down at the controllers in his hand. "Oh yea. Lets play."

Ike nugged me, "I wonder if he's got the hots for you too?" he said silently.

'Nah!' I thought.' Tay was just daydreaming out in space not caring who he was staring at.

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