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segment ten

"Tay, what's 105 divided by 5?"

"Huh? Oh, it's 21."

"Thanks. My brain's not working right now," I said.

It was past midnight and I was working on my homework in my room. Ike, and Zac were asleep, but Tay hadn't been able to doze off. While I had been snoozing in the sleeping bag next to him, he had gotten up to turn on the light and accidently stepped on me.

After that I hadn't been able to get back to sleep. I remembered the math homework that I hadn't done and decided this was the perfect time to work on it.

"Cindy, oh Cindy!" we heard from the sleeping bag on the other side of Tay.

I looked up from my paper. Zac was rolling back and forth talking in his sleep.

"What's with him?"

"Probably just another dream about Cindy Crawford."

"Weird. I didn't know he liked her?"

"Well, every boy does at some point or another," Tay said.

I finished the last problem and stuffed the homework into my back pack. "Why couldn't you sleep?" I asked him.

He nodded towards Zac and I understood. I layed down to get more comfortable. Taylor reached into his bag and pulled out a book.

"What's that?" I decided to get nosey.

"Just my good old journal," he said and began to write in it. The book was covered with Star Wars pictures all over it. I leaned over Tay's shoulder to get a closer look at what he was writing.

He looked up. "Uh, can I help you?" he said in a secretary's voice.

"Well, you guys have taken so many peeks at my journal that I figured it wouldn't be a problem if I looked in yours."

"I didn't do any snooping around! Go look in Ike's. It's over in his bag." I reached under the bed and pulled out all of Ike's stuff until I found his journal. Now it was time to do some serious reading. Get revenge. Find something to use against him.

Boy, you wouldn't believe the things he wrote. I practically laughed my head off!

"The girl who lives down the street is so cute," I said while immitating Ike's voice from an old entry. "I think I'll ask her if she wants to go to the movies sometimes."

That reminded me of something. "So, Taylor," I said and closed up the book. "Are you still single or is there some special girl in your life right now?"

He blushed. "I'm still single."

I was surprised he still was. I'd figured some girl had already gone and grabbed him before I got the chance. "Taylor, it's a crime for someone as cute as you to be single," I told him. He blushed even harder.

"I just haven't found the right girl yet," he said in defensive voice.

I looked up at him and gave him an innocent smile. "Well, whatcha gonna do now that the one and only Miss America is sitting right in front of you?" I asked him sarcastically.

He smiled back and then hit me with a pillow. "Since when were you Miss America?" he said playfully.

"Since now."

He giggled and put his journal away. Then asked: "What about you?"

"Oh me, I'm still single. No boys at my school are worth the effort."

"Yea, I couldn't exactly imagine you dating some sleezeball like Tommy, right?"

"Way right!"

He paused for a second. "Well, then how about some sleezeball like me?" he asked and I stopped laughing.


"Am I worth the effort?" he asked and got a little closer.

I looked into his eyes. "Oh, stop teasing me Taylor," I told him and waited for him to say something, but he just sat there and smiled his sweet smile down at me.

My heart melted. I was never able to resist his smile. He just looked so cute. "Of course you're worth the effort," I barely whispered, not meaning to have said anything out loud.

For a minute we were both silent, and then, suddenly, he leaned in to kiss me.

I'd seen the look in his eyes, but had ignored it. He had just been kidding around, right? But when I saw him lean down to me, I knew he wasn't joking. My heart started beating faster. I had dreamed this scene over and over, but never thought it would come true. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but how could he want to kiss me? What did he see in me? This wasn't right. What would a guy as cute and talented as Taylor Hanson want with me?

It didn't matter anymore. I was hypnotized. I leaned over to him and our lips were so close they could touch at any moment. I couldn't breathe....

"Taylor, what's going on? Why are the lights on?" It was Ike.

Taylor and I pulled away fast. I couldn't believe it. I had been so close and then Ike had to wake up and ruin everything.

We looked over at him. He squinted down at us, he wasn't used to the bright light.

"I.. uh.. I.. I.. We couldn't sleep," Taylor said.

I reached up to turn the lights off. "Good night Ike," I said as he layed back down.

"Goodnight Jennifer. Goodnight Tay," and then he was quiet. I rolled over to get comfortable in my sleeping bag and Tay did the same in his.

My heart was still beating fast. I listened in case Tay would say something else to me. I wanted to kiss him. We had been so close. I was still a little in schock. I was still puzzled too.

Why did he want to kiss me? Of all the fans out there, he chose me? It was weird. I fell asleep without hearing from him the rest of the night.

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