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segment eight

While I was putting away the dishes, Tay came over to me and got my attention fast. His shirt was pulled over his head and his hands were in the air.

"I am Cornholio," he said, immitating Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. "Do you threaten me? Bunghole, bunghole!"

I started laughing as he laughed Beavis's retarded little laugh.

"Stop laughing like an asshole Beavis," said Ike as he came up to us. He was immitating Butthead.

"Watch your mouth young man! You know I don't like you watching that show!" that was Ms. Hanson.

My sister walked into the kitchen. "Hey Beavis!" said Isaac in his Butthead voice. "Look at that chick in here."

"Hu hu hu! Cool Chick! Come to Papa!" said Tay as he ran over to my sister and started acting strange around her. She just laughed at both of them.

"Anyone want to play truth or dare?" I asked as I put away the last dish.

"Ooooh! Meeeee! I love truth or dare!" yelled Zac as he came into the kitchen.

Everyone else agreed and we sat down at the kitchen table.

"I want to go first!" I yelled. I looked around the room to see who my first victim would be. "Zac. Truth or Dare?"


I looked over at Samantha as I decided on what to dare him.

"I dare you to kiss Samantha!"

She blushed and looked shy. I knew that she liked Zac.

"On the lips or the cheek?" Zac asked nervously.

"The lips."

He leaned over and quickly gave my sister a peck on the lips. Then he drew back as she blushed harder and looked like she was in heaven.

I laughed. At least she was happy. Zac looked embarassed.

"It's my turn now. Ike, truth or dare?"

"Truth!" Ike smiled and looked embarassed. "Sure! I'd love to," he said sarcastically.

"Okay, then I dare you to!"

"It's not your turn anymore and besides, I picked truth. Ha ha."

To bad though that would have been really funny to watch. I couldn't believe Zac could ask such weird questions. Then again, he was Zac!

"Jennifer, truth or dare?" Ike asked me.

Hmm, I thought. I had to be careful with Ike. If I picked truth he could ask me if I liked Taylor or not or something like that because he knows my answer, but with dare... who knows?

"Dare," I decided and expected the worst.

"Okay! I dare you to... hug Taylor," he said with a smile.

Taylor suddenly squirmed in his seat and stopped laughing. He looked at me and I shrugged. Ike had dared me the worst he could think of. Kissing someone had already been taken. I knew I should have expected something like that. At least it was only a hug.

I leaned over to give Taylor a hug. He hugged me right back. I liked that dare, I had decided. When I looked back at Taylor, he was beet red!

Zac started snickering. Isaac was smiling his little evil smile. My brother suddenly came into the room and broke the silence.

"Who wants to play hide and go seek?" he asked curiously.

"I will," said Ike.

"Me too," I said.

"Me three," said Tay.

"Me four," said Zac.

"Me five," said Samantha.

"Me six," said Jessica. "I want to!" cried Mackie.

"Great. Now we've got a bunch of people." I yelled.

Michael smiled. He was glad that everyone wanted to. I explained to them the interesting way that we play hide and go seek. It's where one person hides and everyone else tries to find them. Then when they find that person, they jump out and try to scare them before they realize that they have found the hider.

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