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"Buzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzz, buzzzz!" My alarm went off at 6 am as usual and woke us all up. Everyone groaned, especially Isaac because he was right next to it.

"When we got a quick schedule break, I thought we got away from early alarms," Tay groaned.

"I forgot. I have school today. Just because you guys are here doesn't mean I have the rest of the week off," I told them.

Slowly, we all got out of our beds. I grabbed a pair of clothes and went to get dressed in the bathroom while the guys changed in my room.

When I got out they had already gone up stairs. I ran up to the kitchen and found my mother making us all instant breakfasts. I sat next to Tay and yawned.

"So, what's public school like?" He asked.

"Umm, it's tiring, hard, but fun because you make lots of friends. I just hate getting up in the morining though."

"Well, what should we do all day now that you aren't gonna be back until 2 o'clock?" Zac asked.

"You can rollarblade, practice, or my mom can show you around this town," I offered.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, the rest of the band that travels with us, which is staying in a hotel, is bringing by our practice instruments so we can practice before the show," Ike remembered.

I decided to bring the tickets and backstage passes to school with me to give to my friends. The concert was scheduled for Valentine's day. It was even called Hanson's Valentine Bash and reporters from teen mags everywhere would be there to do reviews and take pictures.

I gathered up my things and told everyone that I was leaving and got flooded with their good-byes and see-ya-laters.

On the bus I told Amy all about how much cuter Tay looked in person, but I don't think she was really to interested in that. I gave her the backstage pass and ticket before we got off the bus.

In advisory when I told Emily all about them, she was sitting in her seat all excited. When I gave her a ticket and backstage pass she started jumping around. I told her to put them away before anyone noticed. I saw Jessica later on and told her everything and gave her a ticket and backstage pass. I finished my handouts before school was over.

In 7th period, I looked longingly at the clock waiting for the 2:20 bell to ring. Today our teacher decided to give us a break and let us play games the whole day long. That gave Tommy (just another classmate) a chance to be his usual self and drive us all up the wall. Although he usually did that anyway.

Finally the afternoon announcements came on and I got my stuff ready to leave.

"Rrrrrriiiiinnnnggggg!" went the bell as I headed for the door. I ran out and started down the hall when someone grabbed me from behind! I gasped and spun around and there was...

"Taylor! You scared me! What are you doing here?" I asked him.

He smiled and said, "I've come to give you a quick lift home in our van."

"A quick lift? But you don't even have your driver's PERMIT yet."

"Hey! I can dream can't I? Ike's in the van along with Zac. He drove, not me."

"Oh," I said. Just then Tommy decided to drop in. He walked over to us looking at Taylor the whole time.

"Hey Jennifer! Who's the Babe!?" he asked excitingly.

Taylor was wearing sun glasses so no one could tell who he was. Of course he hadn't thought up a back-up plan for this.

Taylor folded his hands and gave Tommy a glare. He looked mad, but Tommy didn't even notice.

"So, is this the "Tommy" that you told me about last night?" he asked.

"Yeah, good guess! What gave you the first clue?" I said.

"Well, lets see... there's the gelled up hair, the funny smirk and of course, there's the strange and rude attitude that he shows. His stupidity shows from miles away," Taylor said to Tommy's face rubbing the cruel parts in the whole time.

Tommy quickly lost his smile. "Geeze! What's her problem?" He said and walked away quietly. Taylor looked at me and started laughing.

When we had both calmed down he said, "Come on, lets get a move on."

Ike was outside leaning on the van. "It's about time you two showed up," he told us.

"Well, we had to exterminate one of the rats that Jennifer goes to school with first." Taylor explained.

Tay climbed into the front seat next to Ike, I grabbed one of the middle seats, and Zac was in the back.

"Hia Jenny! Whuz up?" Zac greeted me.

"Hello Zac-Attack!"

On the way home, a few cars actually stopped in the middle of the road as we drove by. The people inside would role down their windows and usually it was a bunch of girls who were Hanson fans and happened to see a white van with an Oklahoma liscense plate.

Suddenly something soft tickled my back as it fell down my shirt. "Eww, what was that." I heard giggling from behind. "Zac, what did you just put down my shirt?" I said while trying to get it out.

"Oh nothing."

Finally, out popped a... goose feather!

"I found it on the ground while we were waiting and didn't know what to do with it," he admitted.

"Weirdo," I said jokingly. Then I changed the subject. "So what did you guys do today?" I asked them.

"We got our instruments and stuff. We can sing for you when we get home," said Ike.

"We got your mom to take us downtown to do a little shopping," that was Taylor.

"Kewl," I said. "What'cha bring me?"

"Were we supposed to get you something?" asked Tay.

"I'm just kidding," I told them.

"Oh. I did get something at the pet shop though." said Taylor. He reached under the seat and pulled out a small carrying cage. "Jennifer, meet my new traveling pet. She's a mouse. Just something to keep me company while we travel the globe."

The mouse was black and white with a little cute pink tail. It was very cute. I was going to use this on my homepage. I'd put: Taylor has a pet mouse that he travels with. Sounds interesting doesn't it.

"Her name is Jennifer," he said and giggled.

"Oh, well that's nice," I said sarcastically, "Taylor has a pet mouse named after me. Are you serious or are you just trying to annoy me?"

"Well, don't you think that she looks a little like you?" Zac pipped up from behind me.

I gave him a look and we laughed. I actually thought it was a little sweet that Tay's new pet was named after me. But why'd it have to be a mouse?

We pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. Jessica, Avery, Mackie, Zoe, Mr. and Ms. Hanson, and my parents were all outside. "She's here," announced Ike.

I walked over to my mom and said, "So, did you meet Taylor's pet Jennifer?" She smiled and said that Taylor was very sweet for naming it after me. Of course I had to remind her that it was a mouse!

"Come on Jennifer," yelled Ike, "We'll show you are instruments."

We ran downstairs and Tay put away his mouse. Their instruments were so cool. The guitars were spread out all over the floor, there were little microphones, Tay's piano was in one corner and Zac's drum set were in another.

"We tried playing MMMBop earlier, but it doesn't sound as good without the bass. You wouldn't know how to play one would you?" asked Tay.

"Well, actually, I can play accoustic, but I've never tried electric before."

"Oh it's so easy. It's practically the same thing," said Ike.

I went over and picked up the bass. It was certainly a lot heavier than an accoustic. Since I obviously didn't know how to play MMMBop, I took out the bass music from inside the case. It was hand written and very messy.

I strummed a few notes, but for some reason it didn't sound exactly as it was supposed to.

"No, no no. Like this," said Ike and he walked over to me. He took my hands in his and showed me the strokes and fingerings that you make on an electric and adjusted the tone and volume. I couldn't help but smile.

Then I tried a few notes on my own. It sounded a whole lot better. Ike, Tay, and Zac went to there instruments and began to warm up. Eventually they asked: "So, do you want to try and play along with us?"

"I'll try," I told them.

Tay started counting. "Okay, one, two three four..."

Ike started with his guitar introduction for MMMBop. I wondered if I could really do this as I counted my two measure wait before I began my actually very simple part. It was so cool! I was actually playing with Hanson. Too bad I couldn't be in the band.

"You have so many relationships in this life, only one or two will last. You go through all the pain and strife then you turn your back and they're gone so fast..."

I almost lost it when I heard Taylor start singing. 'Calm down', I told myself. Right now I have a job to do! I didn't sound bad at all! Not bad for one of my first tries!

Halfway through the song, Zac messed up and we fixed that part and started where we left off. There practice really reminded me of band class. You can't do the entire piece of music without stopping and working on just one part.

Pretty soon after, when they moved to other songs, I decided to quit. To much pressure for one day. My brother and sister came home from school and watched them play. Zac even let my brother try out the drums for a few minutes.

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