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segment seven

Afterwards, Taylor and I decided to go for a long walk doen the exercise path by the duckpond for no reason at all. Mostly we just talked.

"So, Jennifer. What do you like to do all day?" Tay asked to start up a conversation.

"Well, of course there's school, but after that I like to hang around on the house on the computer."

"Sounds interesting."

"Yeah right! Right now you're probably thinking I'm just a lazy bum who doesn't have anything better to do than stay on the computer and waste her time."

"No I don't! Computers are cool! By the way, I love your page about us. You certainly get a lot done."

I blushed. "Thanks." Tay started laughing. "And it's a really good thing you took off what color boxers I where or else I'd be forced to kill you right now!" He said sarcastically.

"Then I like to spend hours on the phone talking to Jessica. She calls a lot," I said to stick to the topic.

We kept on talking not realising how far from the house we were heading.

Eventually Tay asked me, "Umm, where exactly are we going anyway?"

I snapped to attention and looked around. 'Oh my God!' I thought. We had walked all the way to the campus duck-pond without realizing it. Then I had an idea.

"We won't have to turn around and walk all the way back. My dad's office is only a quarter of a mile from here. I can practically see it right now! Lets go there."

"Okay. What does your dad do for a living?"

"He's a proffessor at Tech and speaking of Tech, I can see the auditorium that you are performing in right now. It's that really tall building back there."


The doors to my dad's buliding were right in front of us. I ran inside and motioned for Tay to follow. We hopped into the elevator and hit the botton for the 3rd floor and waited. We ran down the hall and ignored the proffessors staring at us with annoyed looks. Some students were in class and were watching out the door wondering what we were doing.

I entered my dad's office and found him sitting on his computer.

"Hey dad," I said as he turned around surprised.

"Oh, Hi! What are you two doing here?"

"Umm, we just thought we'd come and use the computers for a little while and then take the bus home with you." I told him. And then seeing his 'not so sure' look, I added: "Pleeeaaase."

Tay gave him an innocent smile to help boost his thoughts.

"Oh, all right. Here's the key for the second floor computer room," he said and handed us his key.

"Nice smile," I poked fun at Taylor as we ran down the stairs.

I opened the door to the computer room and Taylor's mouth gaped open in awe.

"It's like a gold-mine isn't it." I remarked. Taylor stared at the rows and rows of computers that were all being unused.

"Geeze! You must, like, be able to spend hours in here without becoming bored!"

"No kidding. Actually, that one in the corner is my favorite. It's got the biggest monitor, speakers, and it's the fastest. No body ever comes in here unless they want to print something out."

"So, are we going on?"

"Sure." We walked over to the computer and Tay pulled up a chair. "Lets go on the internet."

"Okay, where should we go?"

"Wanna search the Hanson pages?" I asked and gave him a smile. He agreed. "Okay, good! I've got some really cool sites to show you."

I gave him a grand tour of all the great fan pages and we emailed a few people (but set the mail server to say 'from:' so they'd know it was really Tay). Just about think the look they'd have on their face when they read the message. We even signed a couple guestbooks. Not they'd think it was really Taylor.

After that, Tay and I visited a few chatrooms and talked to people who had no idea that they were actually talking to a Hanson brother.

Then, using the microphone, he recorded a few *funny* sound clips of himself to use on my page.

"Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's make your page (the page I'm talking about is Hanson:The Tulsa Trio) official." God he was being so nice. I kept thanking him so much as he checked over my page and made sure the facts were correct.

Just for proof we took a picture of the two of us using a digital camera and scanned it in for my page.

To top it all off, I was having a great time. So was Taylor. He was so fun to be around and I was glad that he was at least a semi-computer nerd.

Around 5 o'clock my dad came in and told us it was time to leave. The bus was crowded and I was glad it was only college students and proffesors and no hanson fans, freaks, or haters, other than me.

"Where were you Taylor? You had us so worried!" Cried Ms. Hanson as we entered the door.

"Ooops. We should have called," I told her.

Ike, Zac, and Samantha were all setting the table for dinner. Samantha kept insiting that Zac shouldn't have to do any work and hat she would for him, but he had no choice because his mom had told him it was the proper thing to help out.

My dad explained everything that had happened while Taylor and I went over to help out.

As I got out the hot plates I saw Ike whisper something into Zac's ear. Zac grinned and looked over at me. Then he went over to Tay and quietly asked, "So, how was your time alone with Jennifer. Got anything going on?"

I saw Tay give him a confused look and turn back to getting drinks.

For dinner my mom had decided on Meat Loaf and I could tell that it wasn't the perfect choice for the younger Hanson kids. They refused to take one bite. Ms Hanson reached over to Zac's plate and began cutting up his meatloaf.

"Mom. What are you doing? I'm 12 years old. I think I know how to use a knife," he said.

"Not that we'd trust him with one," Tay snikered into my ear. I giggled.

"I heard that Taylor!" Zac yelled. Tay just sat there and looked innocent.

Halfway through the meal, Tay decided to start flicking peas. Tay's first pea hit Ike smack in the nose. He jumped back when it hit him.

"Awww! Tay's flicking peas!" tattled Mackenzie, but no one seemed to notice.

Zac found this very amusing and decided to do the same. He flicked a pea at me which landed right into my milk. 'Well, I can't drink that anymore' I thought as I looked into the glass.

Pretty soon we were all flcking peas across the table while the grown-ups yelled at us to stop.

"Squak!" yelled PJ to help boost the noise and add to the laughing.

"That's it! I've had enough of you, you dumb bird!" Tay yelled and flicked a pea at PJ. The parrot jumped back in surprise.

"PJ looked down at Taylor and said, "Uh-Oh."

Tay flicked another pea. PJ ran to the other end of the cage and stuck his butt up facing Taylor (my bird really does that too!).

"Fine! Be that way!" yelled Taylor as everyone laughed.

"All-right guys! That's enough. No more pea flicking," demanded Ms. Hanson.

"You too," my mom directed at me.

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