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segment five

"Jennifer, I'm hungry. Is there anything other than left over pizza to eat in this house?" Ike asked me.

"Your hungry all ready?"

"Yeah, he always eats a lot. Don't worry, it's normal," Tay told me.

"Well," I thought, "we can make ice cream sundays if you want?"

"MMM... that sounds good and I think Zac agrees," said Isaac. Zac was jumping up and down on the bed smacking his lips.

"Okay, Taylor, do you want to come help me make them?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" Tay said and followed me up the stairs.

Tay got out the different flavor Ice creams while I mixed up the whipped cream. When that was done we started heating up the hot chocolate syrup. Zac came wandering up stairs to help us.

While I was waiting for the syrup to cook, I noticed a dollar bill that someone had left. It was sitting there under the blender on the counter for some strange reason. I took it out of it's trap and told the guys I'd be right back and that I was just going to go down to my room and put it away. I could always use some more money.

I opened the door and there was Ike sitting on my bed reading my journal AGAIN!

"Ahh! What is it with you guys and that journal?" I asked him and then he realized I had come into the room.

"From what Zac said it sounded so interesting that I had to read on." He smiled at me and then began to read out loud from the book in a high girly voice: "I have completely fallen in love with Taylor. I think I would be perfect for him. He's got a great voice, personality and look. I will always love Taylor and it is impossible to put my feelings into words."

Oh no, I thought. It's all over. My life is ruined. Then he added, half laughing: "P.S. - Taylor has the most beautiful smile!" Then Isaac smiled at me. I could tell he was trying to keep in his laughter.

"Wouldn't you know it. Jennifer here has a crush on my little brother. You know what? I sorta figured that was the case. Most girls go ga-ga over him anyway."

"Oh, Ike. You won't tell him will you?" I asked him.

"Hmm. Maybe I will... and maybe I won't."

"I'll give you this dollar," I offered him.


"Umm, I'll give you one of my CD's."


"My telephone?"


"Well then what could you possibly want from me?" I asked him.

"I'll make a deal with you. I won't tell Taylor you are 'desperately in love with him' if you let me sleep in your bed tonight while you get to sleep on the hard floor in the sleeping bag next to Tay."

I sighed. "Fine. And remember: you promised!"

"Yeah! I get to sleep on the nice comfy matress with your stuffed dolphin!" he said in a child's voice. Ike was very funny to watch!

"I'm going to go back up to help," I told him.

Taylor and Zac had already finished making sundays for the four of us. Zac's was a mile high of course. The rest of the two families were getting ready for bed. Jessica, Avery, Mackie, and Zoe were being put to bed and Walker and Diana Hanson were rolling out the couch bed.

Ike, Tay, Zac and I finished our sundays and decided to go ahead and get ready for bed. Not that we were going to sleep just yet. The three Hanson bros got dressed in boxers and big t-shirts! Talk about way cute!

"I brought a few CD's of my own," Zac said and reached into his bag. He walked over to my boom box and put in The Cardigans.

"Love me, love me, say that you love me," we all sang along.

"Hey Jennifer, after this we're listening to the Spice Girls!" Tay cried.

"I've got dips on Baby Spice!" Zac cried.

"No way! She's mine," Taylor protested.

"I've got Victoria!" Ike yelled. They were all being funny.

"I said it first!" Zac yelled back at Tay.

"Fine, then I've got dips on Jennifer," Taylor said and smiled at me. Of course he was just kidding. At least, I thought he was.

"No way! Now you've gone to far! Jennifer's mine!" yelled Zac.

"You're both wrong. Jennifer wants ME!" said Ike. And that started a pillow fight between all four of us. I loved watching them jokingly fight over me.

When we fianlly settled down, Taylor brought out his jellybeans and shared them with me while we all got into our sleeping bags and under our covers. Of course I had to explain to Tay that Ike and I had traded sleeping spots.

After that we talked about whatever came to mind and I told them all my intersting life stories so they wouldn't have to look through my diary anymore.

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