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segment four

My mom peeked into the room and smiled. "What do you guys want on your pizza?" she asked us.

"Cheese," said Taylor and I.

"Pepperoni," said Zac.

"Green Peppers," said Ike.

"Eww, green peppers," I told him.

"Okay, fine. Sausage." he decided.

My mom took our orders and went upstairs. The guys picked out sleeping bags and spread them out on the floor. Ike picked out a green one, Zac chose a blue one, and Tay decided on a nice pink one.

Then we all went upsatairs where the action was going on.

"Oh My God!" Taylor said nervously. "You have a parrot."

"Squawk! Squawk! Cooo! Purr! Hellooo!" yelled PJ at Taylor.

"Yeah, and I think it likes you," I told him.

PJ puffed up his feathers, dialated his eyes, and did a quick dance for Taylor. He laughed. And then PJ laughed. I could tell that PJ was very interested in all the new people, especialy Taylor. I picked PJ up and put him on Taylor's shoulder.

"Ahh! Get it off of me!" he yelled while dancing around. The fast movement made PJ lose his balance and flapp his wings, which made Taylor yell even louder, which made PJ yell too.

The whole thing was very funny. Zac came over and stuck out his finger. PJ climbed on and cooed. "See Tay. It's not so bad," Zac told him.

"Keep... that thing... away... from me," he choked out between gasps of air.

"Oh Taylor, take a chill pill. It's just a bird," Ike chimbed in.

"I still don't like it," Taylor insisted.

The dogs began to bark from outside and I let them in.

"Hey guys. How you doing," Isaac said while he bent down to doggy height.

Hannah put her tail between her legs and ran downstairs to my room.

"What did I do?" he asked innocently.

"Oh, it's okay. She's just nervous. Hannah always does that when there are strangers in the house," I explained to them.

The door bell rang and Isaac went to answer it while my parents wrote out a check for the pizza. Ike opened the door and the pizza man... or actually girl... looked up at Ike and nearly dropped the pizza.

"Oh my God!" She screamed in his face. "It's Isaac Hanson! I'm like, your #1 fan! What are you doing here?"

"Uh, here's your money. I'll take those," he said and took the pizza from the in shock pizza woman.

"Oh, you guys are amazing! Can I have your autograph Ike? Please???"

"Fine, but I'm hungry." He took out a marker and signed her shirt and then she left happily.

Everyone crowded around the table. There were 12 people talking, eating, and sitting at one table! I'd never been so crushed in my life! Tay was on one side and Ike on the other. My sister was sitting next to Zac. That's when my family really sat down and got to know the Hansons. Come to think of it, it's a really good thing no one started a food fight!

After dinner, Tay decided to take a shower. I thought that was a pretty good idea too. He took the downstairs and I took the upstairs bathroom. I told Ike and Zac to make themselves at home for awhile.

When I was done, dried off, and dressed I ran back downstairs and was surprised that Tay was still in the shower! And I thought I took a long time. I had already spent more than an hour!

I could hear Taylor singing "Thinking of You" in the shower which was really funny. It's not everyday you can hear a celebrity singing in the shower.

I wandered into my room and wouldn't you know it! Zac was sitting comfortbly in my bed reading out of my diary! I had stupidly left it on my dresser out in the open where anyone could read it.

"No Zac don't look in that," I yelled at him.

Ike was sitting innocently looking at my CD's.

"Ike, you were supposed to warn me when she came!" Zac cried.

"Hey, your on your own." Ike said.

I jumped on the bed and grabbed the diary from his hands.

"Zac, can't you read! It says 'PRIVATE! Please do not read!'"

Zac ignored me, put a grin on his face and said: "So, your dad got mad enough to throw a bowl of soup on your head one night at dinner."

Ike started laughing.

"That's not funny," I insisted, but it really did sound hilarious if you thought about it. I started laughing with them. Then I got serious again and told them not to look at it.

Taylor came into the room and asked, "What's so funny?" He was dressed in an awsome shirt and jean shorts and was in the middle of drying his hair.

"Nothing," Zac said.

At the moment, the phone rang. "No Zac, don't.." but it was too late. "HellooooOooooOooo, caller people who wants to talk to Zac Hanson.... Yes this is him... Yes she is here... no I am not dressed in my boxers at the moment... here she is," then he handed me the phone and said, "It's my #1 fan calling for you."

"Hello?" I asked.

"OoooOooooOooooO! This is Jessica. Zac is sooo funny!"

"Did you ask him if he was dressed in his boxers?"

"Yeah! I would have liked it if he was. Is Tay there now?"

"Yeah, and no you can't talk to him."


"Look, I'll call you later. I can tell you all about it then, but right now all 3 of them are in the room staring at me."

"Okay. Buh-Bye!"

I hung up. Tay, Ike and Zac were looking at me.

"What?" I asked them.

"Who was that?" Tay asked.

"My friend Jessica," I told him.

"Oh yeah, my great immitater," he said, reffereing to the phone incident.


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