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segment thirty-two

Okay, I admit that I was getting a little overboard. At dinner, Tay and I were silent again like the night before that. This time, Ike and Zac weren't puzzled. They became puzzled when I refused to talk to them for a while. I had clammed up in my little shell and refused to come out. I just didn't feel like talking to anyone that day. I figured it would reduce to only Taylor soon after.

That night, while I left my room to go upstairs for a quick drink, I heard voices in the kitchen. Not wanting to interupt anyone, I decided it might be fun to eavesdrop in on the conversation. There were two stern voices coming from inside. Quietly, I parked myself outside the entrance.

"Taylor, we are very concerned about this." That sounded like Ms. Hanson.

"Isaac and Zachary told us about your disagreement with Jennifer, but that gives you no right to be rude by ignoring her through the whole vacation." That was Mr. Hanson.

"I know Mom, but you don't understand! She hates me now too. Besides, I just don't feel like talking to her. She didn't have to get all upset after how nicely I broke the news to her."

Why that liar! I thought. I already apologized about that and did he listen? Noooooooooooo.

"That still is no excuse for your behavior, young man! Didn't you see how hurt she looked earlier."

"Look, Mom, Dad, I don't care anymore. She was the one asking for an answer in the first place!" It felt good to finally hear Tay's voice again, but it wasn't helping much to hear it in this way.

I heard Taylor's footsteps coming towards me and I got ready to fall back into the shadows so he wouldn't notice me. "Jordan Taylor Hanson! Don't you dare leave this room while we are talking to you!" his mom stopped him. I sighed quietly.

I heard him groan. "What?"

"Taylor, your mother and I would like it if you apologized to Jennifer for the way you treated her. It's the least you could do after all she's done for you. You two were becoming great friends so fast-" his father began.

"All she's done for me? Like what? We didn't have to come here in the first place anyway. If only I hadn't called her. If anything, Jennifer should be the one to apologize to me!" he said between a sarcastic laugh.

That was it, I couldn't take this anymore. Hesitantly, I stepped out from my hiding place and made myself clear to the three Hanson's. "But I did apologize! You didn't listen, Taylor!" I yelled at him. Everyone jumped at my sudden appearence. I heard Tay mutter "oh, no" under his breath before he turned away.

"Jennifer, what are you doing up so late?"

"I felt like getting a drink of water," I told Mr. and Ms. Hanson without taking my eyes off of Taylor.

Then they both turned to Tay who looked like he was about to faint. "Taylor, I think you have some apologizing to do."

I saw him take his hand away from his face and yell to all three of us, "Why should I anyway?"

I could tell that I was about to cry again, but I didn't care. I saw my whole world blowing up in front of me. I'd cry again and again, over and over, and nobody would care. "Tay, all I ever wanted to do after we yelled at each other was apologize and have everything go back to normal again," I spit out between sobs. "You never listened. You just ignored me the whole time when I was only trying to be nice!"

Tay turned around now to face me and looked me straight in the eyes. "You were the one who said you never wanted to see or talk to me again!" he said with accusing eyes.

"I didn't mean it!" I protested with tears streaming down my cheeks. I could tell that his parents were shocked at my behavior. They had never, of course, seen me break down like almost everyone else had. I was surprised no one else had been woken up yet by all the noise. "Tay, that's the way I act sometimes when I get upset." The last few words came out in little squeaks. It took what seemed like an eternity for anyone to say something else.

"You meant every single bit of it Jennifer! You know you did! You know you hate me. You just don't want to admit it. Besides, why should I apologize when it won't do any good because I won't even mean what I say," he said stern and calm.

"Taylor!" cried his parents in unison.

I tried to keep in my oncoming outburst by holding my breath, but, unsuccessfully, was not able to last a second. "I just... you wouldn't... I... I didn't... You..." I just couldn't manage to say anything worth saying. "Oh, forget it!" I cried and leaned against a cabinet full of tears and the pain the had slipped away earlier. I felt everyone's eyes on my back as I just sat there and cried as if the world was coming to an end. It was!

"Cute," Tay said. "I wouldn't believe that act any day." But I wasn't acting! I gritted my teeth at him.

"Shut up."

"Why don't you, cry baby!"

"Smart mouth."

Don't ask me what Mr. and Ms. Hanson were doing at this point. I was too busy fussing at Taylor. After my last comment, I saw his eyes fill up with pain and his fists tighten. The memory of the rollarblading rink inccident came back to me. Oh, God. This can't be happening. Was this pointless argument going to become physical?! I barely had time to gasp as Tay's fist came at me.

In the short amount of time it took for him to charge at me, I managed to fall backwards to the floor and duck out of cover. I could hear Taylor's parents yelling in shock, realizing what there son was about to do to me. I blocked him by forcing my hands in front of his face and looked away.

'BANG!' I looked up and saw Taylor scream out in pain after almost knocking a hole into the cabinet I'd been leaning against. I'd hit my head on the counter on the way down, even though I'd missed his blow. The pain reached me and I bit my tounge to keep from cursing at myself in front of Diana and Walker. I saw a pack of ice somewhere in my future.

"My God, Taylor!" I heard his mother gasp. "What were you just trying to do!"

"Leave me alone," he said and shoved her away when she came near. I slowly got up in time to see Taylor dash out of the room and run down the steps. "I hate all of you!" he yelled up to us.

"I guess I should go now," I said lowly while holding my head.

"Jennifer, I'm really sorry. He shouldn't of acted that way. We'll have to talk to him about it again. Are you okay?" Tay's dad asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I mumbled in the same tone of voice. The truth was, I was far from fine. I was misserable. Everything was going wrong. The same things were happening over and over again.

Without saying anything else, I slumped back down the stairs while gritting my teeth to bare the small pain and also the headache that I was developing. I wondered how much worse things could get...

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