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segment thirty-three

"Yesterday - a day that will live in infamy... " my teacher began to say.

No kidding! I thought to myself and remembered last night. School was in session and I was in the middle of boring Social Studies class. Boring! We were studying the beginning of World War II and President Roosevelt's speech after Hawaii was bombed by the Japanese.

The day went by slowly and dry just like the day before. The only difference this time was no one seemed to care. At the end of the school day I was both depressed and relieved that the bell rang. I didn't want to have to face Tay again.

When Ike and Zac greeted me at home that day I was glad to find out he wasn't even home. Neither was the rest of the Hanson family. Only Ike and Zac had stayed behind.

"What happened last night? We heard from our parents that you and Tay had another fight!" Zac bombarded me.

"So, what's new? Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood right now," I said realizing I was probably being a spoothead to them.

"Well, anyway, to get off the topic, we have to do an interview for the local newpaper on Friday. It's just a little thing and won't even interfere with our relaxing vacation. Wait a minute... what relaxation?" he asked and laughed. "Would you like to come with us?"

I perked up at that. "Uh.. sure. I'd love to. I've been dying to get out of this house and go somewhere other than school."

"Okay, cool."

"Is Taylor going?"

"Yeah, but it's no big deal. He won't bother you."

I nodded. "So, where did everybody go, huh?"

"Oh, our family went out to the mall. Taylor wanted to get away from here and everyone else is shopping for clothes."

"Ugh! No fair. They get to go out and have fun while we're here doing nothing. I want to go someplace."

"Like where?" Zac asked.

"How about.... laser tag!"

Zac's eyes widened. "You've got one of those in this small town?"

I laughed for the first time in a while. "Yeah, as hard as it may be to belive, we've got one."

"Cool! Let's go... please!!!!!" he begged and began to jump on the furniture.

"That sounds cool. We haven't played in a while, right Zac- Man?"

"Yea, let's move!"

"Okay, Jen, can we use your car 'cause ours is gone?" Ike asked me.

"Oh, sure. No problem," I said and skipped to the garage so we could leave.

After we bought our tickets, we raced to the laser tag room to get on our suits. Ike and Zac were on a team against me. I insisted I could beat them easily.

I was glad we were actually doing something to get my mind off of everything stressfull going on at the moment. In my little red vest and laser gun, I crept through the dark labrynth and watched for Zac and Ike.

As I hid behind a corner, a jet of mist spouted out at me and I moved back. I hate the smell of that stuff! I headed off towards there base to shoot at it and win some points. I didn't make it.

"Gotcha!" I heard Zac cry in triumph from behind me. I whirled around as my vest began to shake and shut off for a short time.

"Awww, Zac. Why'd you have to do that?" I asked him and stood helplessly.

"Just doing my job soldier," he said back. I smirked at him and realized that my gun was alive and working again.

Quickly, I snapped to attention and aimed my laser at Zac.

"Yikes!" he cried out and turned to run. He was too slow. Ha!

"Now I've got you!" he ran from the area into the long twist of tunnels and I walked on and searched for Ike. I successfully found him and shot him to death a couple of times. Each time he would jump back in pain as if this were all one planned play. I laughed.

By the end of the game, my score was the highest. I'd beaten them! Ha! Girl Power! Wait a minute, that's the Spice Girls!

"Geez Jennifer. You're better at this game than I am and that's scary!"

"I know," I replied back. I'd already forgotten all my troubles.

We climbed into the car to drive back home and I felt like I'd just taken a million tons off of my back! I felt good! The three of us joked around on the way and I wished I could always feel like this!

"Hey we should come here again sometime!" Zac yelled even though we were in the car.

"Yeah, maybe we should come to celebate once Tay and Jen get back together!" Ike suggested.

The grin on my face melted. Oh God! I forgot about that! What am I gonna do anyway? They both noticed my sudden change of mood.

"Ooops, soory 'bout that," Zac apologized.

"Don't worry Jen. We'll get this whole thing figured out soon." That at least made me feel a tad better. As we pulled in the driveway, I noticed that the Hansons' white van had already parked. Tay was back.

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