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segment three

The days seemed to go by slower and slower. I couldn't stand it any longer! Through out the rest of the week my heart stayed up in my throat and I was always excited. I even got emails from Taylor's private email account at Sometimes from Zac as well. His messages were always wacky and made no sense but they were fun to read. Taylor kept asking how I was doing and if I had gotten the tickets yet. We emailed and chatted every once and a while.

Of course, my sister also had to tell her friends about what was happening. Soon lots of the people we knew wanted to meet them and had decided they were going to the show.

Pretty soon K92 (our radio station) began announcing the concert and holding contests were you could win tickets, backstages, and autographs! My count down of the days till they came eventually reached 2 days left!

It was Sunday the 8th. Hanson was coming on Tuesday! I couldn't wait the little time left and I spent a lot of time jumping around the house and wondering what it would be like with them here.

On Monday, my mom made me clean the house! Yuck!! I had to vacuum downstairs where the Hanson family would be sleeping. I got out extra chairs, sleeping bags, and placed the crib nearby. I also remembered to temporarily take down my Hanson posters so they wouldn't have to look at themselves the whole time.

I wondered whether Hanson would want to sleep in my room or the living room downstairs.

Finally Tuesday rolled around. If you asked my sister, Samantha, how I acted, she would say I layed around the house in La La land with stars in my eyes. Then when I did get up, I was hyper and excited. Then I would go on the internet and talk on the phone with Jessica.

Taylor had emailed me on Monday and told me that they'd be pulling into my driveway around 7 pm. It was 5 pm and all of my friends were calling me one by one to find out if they had come yet.

I went outside to sit on the steps and wait. It was a little cool out because, after all, it was still early February. The sun was already beginning to go down. I hoped they'd hurry up and get here. We had decided to delay dinner until the came. Pizza would be the easiest thing.

"Jennifer, Taylor's on the phone," my sister yelled at me from inside the house. I ran inside and grabbed the phone.

"Hey Tay! Where are you?" I asked him.

"We're about to leave the Roanoke airport and head to your house. We should be there in about an hour from now. What's for dinner?"

"We're going to order pizza. We haven't eaten yet. I'll be looking for you."

"Okay, same here, bye!" and then he hung up.

I called Jessica and told her where they were. She got all excited and told me to call her as soon as they arrived because she wanted to talk to Zac! I told her I'd call when I could and then I went back out to wait.

It got cold so I decided to wait on the steps right inside the house and watch out the window for them. I'd get excited about every car that turned onto our street, hoping it was them.

Then, around 7:30, a white van pulled into our street. I perked up and struggled to see inside the windows. Zac was making faces at me from the inside. It was them alright! I opened the door and yelled to everyone that they were here and my family rushed to the door.

The van parked in our driveway and the side door opened. Out popped happy Zac who got to his hands and knees and began kissing the driveway. "Land!" he yelled sarcastically, "We've finally reached land."

"Hey Jennifer," he called, ran up to me, and rapped his arms around me. "I love you man!" he joked! Then stould back and looked at me with wide eyes while I laughed.

Zac stuck out his hand and cried, "Zac's the man, put it there." I put my hand out, but instead of shaking it, he took out his gum that he'd been chewing and stuck it in my hand. Then showed me his wide, toothy, innocent, grin. I laughed even harder. I got my own souvenior: Zac's bubble gum.

Ike hopped out next and said, "Ew Zac, that's gross," and ran up to him while Zac started to scream and they chased eachother around the yard. Finally they settled down and Ike came up to me and said a surprisingly serious hello.

And then last, but not least, Tay followed with his hands in his pockets and a grin on his face. He had obviously been watching from the van. I loved Tay's outfit. He wore a gray, army t-shirt with his orange jacket from the "Where's The Love" video and shiny green pants almost like the ones Zac wore a lot. Taylor also had braids in his hair like Zac usually wore.

I must have looked like an idiot because I knew my mouth was hanging open. Tay was much cuter in person and I was speechless.

"Hi Jennifer," he said while walking up to me.

Suddenly I got shy. I didn't know what to say to him without acting stupid. Then I realized that Taylor was being shy as well. He stopped a couple of feet away from me and smiled.

"Hi people! How you doing?" Zac said to my family and broke the silence.

I looked behind me. My whole family was watching from the doorway.

"Zac Hanson!!!!" My sister squeled!

"Why hello young, charming lady," Zac told her in a cool fashion and gave her a handsome smile.

"I'm Samantha," she told him.

"Hi Samantha."

Meanwhile, the rest of the family had been piling out of the van and gathering their stuff. Walker Hanson walked up to my dad and they introduced eachother in the usual "adult" way.

Finally I decided to say something to Tay. "Hi Taylor. How was the trip?"

"Long and boring," he said.

"Well, do you want to go inside?" I asked him.


I smiled and said: "Follow me."

My mom was talking with the Hansons in the living room. I took Taylor up to where everyone else was.

"Mom, meet Taylor, Ike, Zac, Jessica, Avery, Mackie, and Zoe is the newborn," I said and pointed to everyone, "Guys, meet my parents."

The younger siblings were to shy, but Ike, Tay, and Zac all said hello. Zoe was really cute and it was the first time I'd seen her before. My sister immediately introduced herself to Jessica and Avery while my brother showed Mackie all his cool super hero toys.

I was really excited as I helped carry their things downstairs. Zac wondered into my room, while the rest of the family placed the toothbrushes into my bathroom.

"Wow, no Hanson posters," Zac said amazingly.

I laughed silently. I had taken them all down. Then I said, "No, but I've got scrapbooks!" and I handed them to Zac. That's were I had hid everything that was on my walls.

Ike went over and sat on my bed to look around. "You've got a cool room. It's a whole lot cleaner than ours."

"Thanks," I said.

I guess we were all acting a little shy and didn't know what to say. For a few seconds we just sat there and stared at eachother. It was way to quiet. I decided to break the silence.

"So, do you guys want to sleep out there or in here? It's up to you. I've got sleeping bags for all three of you."

"I'll sleep in here," Taylor piped up. "I like it in here. Besides, we were just in the car with the whole family and I think I sort of want to get away from them for a while."

I was happy. Taylor blushed realizing he was the only one who wanted to at that time.

Then Zac chimbed in: "Me too. Zoe will keep me up all night crying and Mackie snores."

"You talk in your sleep Zac," Isaac reminded him and then said, "Yeah, I think it's big enough in here and since you two are, I think I will to."

This was awsome. Now I would have all 3 of the Hanson brothers sleeping in my room! This would be the moment of my life and I bet no other Hanson fans would be able to brag that Hanson slept in their room. But I don't think that I'd want to tell. This would be my own little secret.

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