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segment twenty-one

"I need to use the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" my sister whined loudly! We had just gotten back from a fast food restraunt where we ate lunch. Ike, Tay, and Zac were still stuck at the Virginia Tech building meeting fans backstage. All my friends were at home happy... probably all of them were still freaking out.

"Well sssoooooorrrrry. The next time the world dangles helplessly on the importance of your phone call, I'll make sure I'm off the line," I said sarcastically.

Silly little me had gone home and jumped right onto the computer to surf the net, as I usually do. Samantha, of course, insisted she HAD to talk to her friends right at that moment. What a pain she had to be sometimes. We really need another phone line!

I sighed loudly when she yelled to my mom that I wasn't sharing. Shut up and go away! I thought to myself as I updated my Hanson page.

"MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Jennifer won't let me use the phone!!!!!" she screamed in my ear.

"Ugh! Samantha! Stop, you're messing me up!" I complained.


"Shut up!"

"Fine, I hate you!"

"And I care because...?"

Samantha looked hurt. "Well... I'm your sister. You should care!"

"Well, I don't so beat it."

She burst into tears and ran upstairs, probably to be a tattle tail and get me in trouble. Sisters! Always a bother!

'YOU HAVE NEW MAIL' popped up on the screen and I pulled up my inbox. There was one new message from: Taylor Hanson! Tay had emailed me! I clicked on the message and read what he wrote.

From: Taylor Hanson (
To: Jennifer (
Subject: Yada, Yada, Yada...
Hilly Ho Ha Jen-Jen,
I bet your on the internet at this very moment so you're having no problem reading this before we reach your house. You didn't expect to hear from me huh? I've got my lap-top set up right here in the car. We're driving your way... almost there, but not quite. Backstage with screaming, obsessed girls, jumping up and down, asking for autographs and grabbing t-shirts and chocoalte from your hands is over-exhausting! Whatcha think of our concert? Did we play well? Ok, time to get off now. We're almost in your driveway.

Just as I saved his message into another folder, I heard the front door open. They were here all right! Tay, what a wise guy! Emailing me while he's heading to my house. Strange huh?

"Nice writing Taylor!" I yelled up the steps.

"Oh, thanks! So, how did we do?" I heard amongst the shuffling of other people.

"Never better!"

"Glad you liked it!"

"Well, who wouldn't?" I asked him as he ran over to me, his lap-top under his arm.

"Tisk, tisk! Spending to much time on the computer now are we?" he asked in an english accent.

I laughed. "Oh come on Tay. You use it just as much as me!"

Zac ran up to me. "So, did we rock the joint or what?"

"You rocked like crazy, Zac. All three of you beat the world record for best performance!"

"All right! High five..." Zac exclaimed and slapped my hand.

"I especially loved your little gifts at the end," I told them and made it clear to them that I was wearing my Hanson shirt.

"Cool! Hey, can I borrow that shirt sometime. It's just too cool!" Ike joked about.

Then I remembered. "Wait a sec guys! Valentine's day has barely begun yet. Don't start thinking that I could pass up the oportunity to get you three something!" I spilled out and ran to my room to get out my surprises.

I grabbed three neatly rapped boxes from under my bed. Don't ask why I had to be so neat and tidey when it was only Valentine's day. Nothing special. I ran up the steps and motioned for the guys to follow me. I waited on the couch until they slowly made there way all the way to where I was sitting.

Ike flipped on the TV. "When did you have time to go shopping? We've been hanging around you the whole week?" Tay asked me curiously.

"No you weren't! On Friday you stayed at the auditorium to rehearse, remember? I managed to slip in a few store searches."

Zac smiled at me. "So, what'd ya get me, huh, huh?"

"Hands off hyper boy!" I told him when he grabbed at the boxes. "Wait a second while I figure out who gets what."

"Hey Ikey-poos, catch!" I yelled at Ike to get his attention off of the TV. I tossed him the biggest box and he caught it.

"Let's see..." he muttered to himself as he tried to master untying my miles of knotted ribbon.

I handed the second box to Zac who immediatley attacked it like a parana. He sure was anxious to find out what was inside. I'd only gotten them things I could afford!

Meanwhile, Isaac had successfully opened his gift and pulled out the contents. "Awwwwwwww... ain't it just darling!" he said sarcastically and held up the large stuffed frog holding a heart that I had managed to find.

"It reminded me of you so I just had to get it," I told him.

"Gee, thanks... that just made me feel better."

Zac laughed as he ripped open his box. "Wow! Neato! I could always use some more of these!" I'd snatched him one of the newer lego sets. Not the big complete sets, but a miniature kit with a few odds and ends to go along with one.

Taylor put on a sad puppy face and looked at me with his little blue eyes. I'd forgotten that I was still holding his.

"Here you go superman," I said and handed him the medium sized gift. He smiled. An idea popped into my mind at that moment and I just hoped I didn't look like a crazy fool when I pressed my lips onto his. I kissed him right there in the living room in front of Ike and Zac. It only lasted for a second, but I certainly enjoyed it. I'd decided that it was my turn to do the kissing. Tay blushed and I gave him a smirk. "Happy Valentine's Day, wonder boy."

I heard Ike and Zac snickering behind us, but I didn't care. Taylor turned back to the gift and opened it to find a bag of mouse feed for his mouse.

"Hey! What kind of gift is this anyway?" he asked. I burst out laughing.

"Ooops! I rapped the wrong stuff, Tay. Sorry about that. Your real present is downstairs still."

He laughed along with my little joke as I skipped downstairs to grab his real surprise...

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