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segment two

Now I was the confused one? "Who are you?" I asked still wondering exactly what I had missed in this conversation,

"Just like you said, believe it or not, this IS Taylor Hanson."

"Yeah right, and I'm Madonna! Great immitation Jessica. I know that's you on the phone!" I told her.

"No, really, it's me," she insisted.

"Then proove it."

"I can't."

"Well, then give in!"

"Look, I'm Taylor, whether you believe it or not. I know, do you have my home number by any chance."

"Yeah, you know that Jessica," I said drowsily. I had figured it out a long time ago.

"Well then let's hang up and you can call me and I bet I'll remember this conversation."

"There is no way I'm calling. You planned this all didn't you?" I demanded.

"Call me back, bye!" "Taylor" said and then hung up.

I began to wonder. What if it really was him? No, it couldn't have been. Why would Taylor Hanson call ME? And if it was him, then I have totally embarassed him. I started to dial his number when the phone rang again.

I answered: "Hello?"

"This is Jessica here. Hi Jen," she announced.

"That was a really nice joke. Great immpression." I told her.

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"You called me just a few minutes ago, right?"

"No, I tried, but the phone was busy."

"Jessica, let me call you back." I said, getting all quesey inside.

"Okay," and then she hung up.

I was really beginning to get nervous at that point. What if it really was Taylor? AHHHHH! What have I done? I just made a huge fool of myself in front of my #1 crush of the milenium! I thought. Quickly my fingers pressed in their home number.

"Hello," a deep voice answered. It sounded like Ike. I almost flipped!

"Umm... umm... is T.. Ta.. superman... er.. I mean Taylor there," I managed to sputter out and then felt like an idiot.

"Yeah, he's here. Who's calling."

"Um, tell him he called, or might have called me, a few minutes before."

"Hold on.." Ike's voice trailed off and I heard him say: "Taylor, some girl is on the phone for you. She says that you called her a few minutes ago."

I waited. My heart was beating faster than it ever had before. Finally, he picked up. "Hello Jennifer or should I say Madonna," he said while I nearly fainted. It really had been him all along.

I wimpered into the phone. "I feel like an idiot. A complete and total idiot!" I nearly wispered.

"That's all right. Typical Hanson fan response. Any girl wouldn't have believed me."

"How did you get my number?" I asked feeling a little bit more calm.

"Alex told us. She told me all about you and how big a fan you were. She also told me you were really nice." Taylor told me.

Even though there were no nearby mirrors, I could tell I was blushing. Taylor had actually said that I was nice! I couldn't believe that I was actually talking to him! I managed to choke out a giggle.

"She also told me that you wanted us to perform in Blacksburg. I talked it over with the guys, asked our manager, rescheduled a few dates and, well, we can come! We've even already sent you tickets and backstage passes for you, your friends, and your family."

I knew something like that would be coming. I had prepared myself for a surprise, but this was to much! "Yessssss!" I cried.

"WOW! YAHOOOOO!" I yelled while jumping around. My heart was up in my throat.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much!" I practically yelled in his ear!

"Wow, calm down girl. There's just one problem I need to fix first."

"Huh? Problem? What problem? We can't have problems?" I choked out.

"Don't worry, I think you'll like this even more. You see, we didn't have this planned on our budget so we can't spend any money to get into a motel or hotel where you live so..." He trailed off for a second, "so maybe, we were thinking that we could spend a week and a half at your house. Get to know you better while we're at it."

I fell back into my bed. My heart was beating at super-speed! I didn't expect anything THIS exciting. I didn't know what to say!

"Ahh... of course you can stay! You can stay for as long as you want; anytime! You could even live here! I'd love that soo much!" I cried out, jumping to conclusions!

"Wow, wait a second. Make sure you ask your parents first. And make sure you're aware that I'm talking about the entire family! Me, my mom, my dad, Ike, Zac, Jessica, Avery, Mackenzie, and Zoe. We can't just leave them here in Tulsa."

"No problem at all! I'll ask now," then I thought for a second, "wait, you're in Tulsa? Man, our phone bill's gonna cost millions," I realized!

"No problem! We'll pay for it."

"Thanks Tay! You're a life saver. Hold on, okay?"

I put the phone down and ran upsatirs as fast as I could.

"Mom! Mom? Mommmy? Momzo? Hello?" I said while trying to find her.

I caught her in her bedroom doing laundry.

"Mom! You won't believe this, but Hanson's coming here to perform."

"Oh really, then we'll have to get tickets," she said calmly.

"Already done. They're sending 'em to us. You see Taylor said they need a place to stay while they're here so can they stay at our house for a week or so."

"Oh that's silly, why would they want to stay here when they could stay at some fancy hotel? Oh, by the way, take this laundry down to your room," she said.

"Look, you don't understand! It's because of the budget. They had to fit this into the schedule. Taylor's on the phone." I yelled at her.

"I would say yes, but I don't know whether they can or even want to. If I can talk to their mom I can arange something."

"Okay," I said, "I'll tell Tay you want to talk to his mom."

When my mom picked up the phone she seemed really surprised that she was actually talking to Ms. Diana Hanson. I don't think she had believed me at all. I hoped she wouldn't say no when she found out how many people would be coming, but she didn't. It was decided that Hanson would be coming to MY house! on the 10th of February! Just one week from today!

After my mom was done talking I got to talk a little longer to Tay. I even got to talk with Ike and Zac! They were both really sweet and funny. We stayed up all night on the phone making jokes and talking about my friends and anything else we could think of.

Around 1 in the morning, we hung up, but I really didn't want to. It was a bad thing that I was so tired because I had to go to school at 6 am. I was still really excited and I couldn't wait to tell all my friends that Hanson would be coming to town and that I would have tickets and backstage passes for all of them. My friend Emily practically flipped out like I had and then went on and on about how lucky I was and that I had to promise to invite her over when they came.

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