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segment eighteen

"Chirp, chirp! Chirp, chirp, chirp!!" I opened my eyes and the sun practically blinded me. Boy, it was Sunny out for the middle of February. Even the birds were chirping outside. I sighed and remembered that the concert was today. I couldn't wait.

I listened carefully to see if anyone else was awake in the house. Silence. I wonder what time it is? I tried to move in my sleeping bag, but something was keeping me down. Something was on top of me. I turned my head, expecting one of the dogs to be laying on me.

Instead, I was surprised to find Taylor out like a light on top of my back. He was using me for a pillow! Wow, what a surprise! He must have rolled over in the middle of the night.

"Um, Tay? Hello? Wake up!" I poked him softly.

Taylor groaned a bit and rolled over a little, but didn't wake up. I was trapped in the sleeping bag. "Hey you! Taylor. Jordan Taylor Hanson, please wake up!" I said as loud as I could while still whispering. I nugged him again.

"Hey!" I said a little bit harder and hit him with my pillow.

"Huh? Who? Where? What?" he sat up straight and looked around.

"Taylor, did you realize you were sleeping on top of me?" I asked him.

"What? Oh, I was? Ooops. Sorry about that."

I smiled as he got up and stretched. "Hey Zac, wake up!" I poked Zac to get him going.

"What? Leave me alone. I need my beauty sleep!" he muttered drowsily. I shook my head and held in my laughter. Zac was being funny again.

"Oh, come on sleepy-head!" Zac ignored me and moved to the bottom of the sleeping bag. Tay was hitting Ike with my stuffed dolphin to get him up.

"Enough lil' bro! I'm up!" Ike insisted.

"Don't call me lil' bro, big bro!"

I ran out of my room and up my stairs to grab some breakfast. I heard the guys changing in my room. Bags unzipped and doors slammed. Noise could finally be heard. My sister opened her door to see what was going on.

"The concerts today, hooray, hooray!" I ran around saying in a sing song voice. She laughed at me as I slipped waffles into the toaster oven.

"It's about time we realized it was time to get up!" Zac said as he munched down breakfast.

"We don't have much time left before we have to be there either," said Tay.

I looked at the clock. It was 11 am. "Umm, when do we have to leave anyway?"

"Umm, one in the afternoon is when it starts."

"Well, then we have to MOVE!" Our two family's were shuffling around fast! I'd never been so rushed! The phone rang and I went to answer it.

"Hello?" I said, out of breathe.

"Hey Jen. This is Amy. When do we have to be there and where will you be? I listened as I watched Ike feed PJ a bit of his breakfast.

"Thank-you!" whistled PJ.

"Uh, meet me around the front of the building around 12:30, k? I'll be there in the crowd somewhere." She agreed and hung up. I stepped out of the kitchen when it rang again, and again after that. Why does everybody have to wait till last minute to find things out? I thought as I hung up with one of my friends.

"Hey Jennifer! Are you ready to go?" I looked over at the door. The Hanson family was loading into the van.

"We've got to get there early ya know!"

"Jennifer, you go ahead. We have to stop over at Claire's house to pick her up op fist," said my mom. Claire was my sister's friend.

I hopped into the white van next to Taylor and sighed. "I'll just find everyone there in the crowd. No big deal."

The ride over wasn't long at all. The huge building where concerts were usually held was visible from a mile back practically. As we neared it, we saw that there were more Hanson fans in Blacksburg than I had thought! There was a huge, swelling crowd, right out back where we were supposed to get off at.

"Umm, just one quick thing," said Taylor nervously. "How do you expect to get out of the van and through the crowd without them noticing you?"

I gulped, really obviously too! I hadn't thought of that. Screaming fans began banging on the windows! "Help..." I muttered and slid down in the seat. "Hide me please..." I tried to crawl underneath. It's a good thing car windows are made so people on the outside have a hard time seeing in.

Cameras flashed all around outside as I completely disappeared underneath Tay's seat. "Jennifer?" Ike whispered to me. "How are you going to get out of the van?"

"Um, you guys go ahead and get out. I'll get out when the van is parked. Then I'll find my friends," I whispered back to him.

The van stopped. The doors opened and I held my breathe, hoping no one would notice a small 13-year-old girl underneath Taylor's seat. It sure was loud outside. Ike, Tay, and Zac jumped out and waved to everyone. The girls screamed louder. I felt the van move again. Diana parked it in the nearby lot and smiled at me as I jumped out and ran back to the building.

This time, I went around to the front of the building. That's where the line to get in was. Scurity guards were all around waiting to grab anyone who tryed to get past them. I, being shorter than most kids there, had to jump up above everyone just to spot someone I knew. Hanson must have already gotten inside.

Finally, I found Jessica waving to me from somewhere towards the beginning of the line. A couple of my other friends were all in the same area in one group. Everyone had backstage passes swinging around their necks.

I smiled as I made my way up to them. I was lucky to still be alive! "What a hectic morning," I choked out between breathes.

"Having fun?" Emily greeted me. I laughed. We waited another fifteen minutes or so for the guards to open the gates. My parents showed up with my little brother, sister, and her friend. They joined us in line.

As the line started to move up some, we pulled out our tickets, ready to listen to some great live music!

The auditorium was just as loud as the outside. I was glad that all the seats were reserved. We had the front row. Sure, it might of been unfair to others because I'd already seen them for the past couple of days, but my friends hadn't yet, except for Jessie, Amy, and Emily!

I took my coat off and rapped it around the back of my chair. All we had to do then was wait for the show to start!

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