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First of all, this story is completely fictional. Nothing in it has ever happened and it was completely made up! This story was made for fun and I have not meant to offend Hanson and all the other characters in the story. The pictures (which aren't up just yet) have been either taken from Hanson's photo-shoots or are pictures that I have made. I have never met Hanson, nor do I know them.

If you have any comments, please email me. I would really like to hear what you think! If you don't like this story, that is fine with me. Just please remember that Hanson's actions in this story may not be accurate either. Actually, I know that at least a few of Hanson's (especially Taylor) actions are not correct. Mostly at the end. I know Taylor probably wouldn't act like that. is not really Taylor Hanson's private email address. It is only used for the story. If you would like to mail there, make sure you know I will be the one who reads it. Not Taylor. The same thing goes for Another thing: some of the characters in this story do not even exist!

This story may be a little hard to get into at first. You might think: How boring! Can't she do any better?! Well, let me just say that it does get better. Just keep reading. The next few chapters which aren't up just yet are the turning points. Just be patient.

If you are totally clueless, the setting in this story takes place in my hometown of Blacksburg, Virginia. There are parts in here that take place in tones of diffent places including Virginia Tech. The Hanson concert in this story takes place in one of the campus buildings. Most of the time though, you can find the characters hanging around my house.

Even though I put myself as the main character, I don't act the way I do in this story. I'm not as stupid or obsessed. I also don't act as stubborn. Take in mind I'm talking about how I act at one part towards Taylor. Remember: It's only a story.

I'm not the best speller in the world so if you find any misspelled words, please don't bug me about them.

Special Thanks to: Everyone who has ever helped me in any way with this story, anyone who has signed my guestbook or emailed me comments, and thanks to Hanson for giving me something to write about! I couldn't have done it wihout you guys!

Note: About the end of the story: It's very unbelieveable and I am aware that the way I put it would not really happen. Just let me please remind you of one thing: THIS IS ONLY A STORY! FICTION, GOT IT? Sorry for those of you who are sensible enough to realize this, but some people such as someone who rudely signed my guestbook need to be reminded.

Well, have a fun time reading! Thank you!
Rating: PG-13

Chapter One!