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story history

  I don't remember when exactly that I got into Hanson Fan Fiction. I used to think it was a stupid waste of time. I mean, what weirdo spends their time writing stories about bands? But that was before I had actually given Hanfic a chance. The first story I read was Alexis's Hanson Story. I was amazed, and shocked that someone my age could write so beautifully. That was basically what inspired me to write my own. I was hooked.

  I started out A Million Memories two years ago (when I was 12) on a day that I was really bored. I just sat down and started typing away, not making it anything special. I didn't even plan for it to become an actual story. I didn't think I would get very far with it, nor did I plan to post it up on the net. I just intended for it to be something fun to do in my spare time and something interesting to share with my buds.

  I was way wrong. I had written about twenty chapters before the idea of putting my story out on the net was introduced to me. A fan who had visited my page suggested that it might be interesting if I wrote a Hanson story. I thought about it for a while, and then decided I'd give it a try. I soon went on to finishing the first story and beginning the sequel. Now, I am even planning to write a 3rd story, and create a trilogy.

  When I first started writing A Million Memories, I was a major, die-hard teenybopper. I have to admit that. I'm not too proud of myself for that though. Thank God I'm not one anymore, no offense. I've changed so much since I first started the story. I'm 14 now, two years have gone by. When I look back at what I've written I can't believe that it was actually me who wrote it all. My writing sucked. My style's changed. I was too much of a teeny, even in my writing. Can't you see the usual plot? All the unreal stuff? All the spelling mistaktes? I even make Ike the chaperone through most of the story and focus on Taylor and a girl. While Zac is the little hyper Zac-Man. And I hate all the nicknames I used. Blah! Don't worry, I've changed. Things will be very different throughout the sequel and, hopefully, the third and final story. I can promise you that. =)