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segment fifty-two

I helped Isaac, Zac, Jessica, Avery, and Mackie pack up there stuff on Friday. They didn't have that much hanging around. Mostly it was Mackenzie who needed the most help because he insisted he was to young to do it on his own. Then I helped gather Taylor's things together in his bag. I still couldn't believe they would be leaving soon.

It was raining outside. It was pouring hard. Then again, it was still February so we could expect wheather like this.

"You know what," Ike said to me during it all, "we never gave you our autographs."

"I've got them on my cast, remember?" I said and showed him my arm.

"I know, I know. But that won't last as long. Don't you want us to sign your Middle Of Nowhere CD before we leave?" he asked.

"So, you're asking me about the autographs? I thought it would be the other way around," I told him and rumaged through my junk for my Hanson album.

I spotted the orange cover under my bed and handed it over to Isaac. He took out his ever so useful pen from his back pocket and scribbled down his name next to his photo.

"I'll get Zac to add his name too," he added and walked out of the room to find him. I shook my head in amusement.

When Ike entered my room again, there were two autographs on my CD cover. I figured that I'd get one from Tay sometime before they left.

"So, Ikey, what are you going to get Tay for his big birthday?"

"You're asking me already?"

"Well, there's only one month left."

"Oh, I dunno. It's to early to think about it."

I nodded. I wonder if I should get him something? Maybe I'll just make him something. Oh well... I thought. I'd have to at least send him a virtual card or some virtual flowers.

Suddenly, there was a faint car horn outside. The driveway was close enough to hear anything from my window. Ike and I ran over to my window and looked out. The Hansons' white van was pulling up, wind sheild wippers going.

"Tay's back!" I squealed with excitement.

It didn't take us very long to head for the front door and run out in the horrible rain. "Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor!" I called as we raced up to the van. Zac soon followed close behind. Walker opened the door to the van and carried out a wheel chair. Then he carried Taylor over to it and set him inside. The rain was soaking Taylor's blonde hair as he stared up at me. I smiled back down. We wheeled Tay up to the steps and inside the house.

"Oh my little Taylor," Diana cooed and kissed him on the cheek happily.

"Nice to see you too, mom," he told her.

"Hey Taylor," I said with a quick laugh. Tay looked up at me with his big blue eyes and smiled at me. His wet hair dripped all over the floor. My sister ran down the hall to us and handed each of us a towel. We dried ourselves off and laughed when Ike's hair turned out all poofy.

"Okay," I said to Taylor, "let's go down to my room."

Isaac smiled and winked at me. I knew what he was thinking. We had something planned for Taylor. Once we were in my room, I helped Tay with some more packing while Ike tip toed out of the room.

"This room never looked so peaceful and relieving," Tay spat out as soon as we were alone. He limped over to my bed and sat down beside me.

"How long do you think it will take those wounds to heal?" I asked him, talking about his cuts. "I know it's a silly question, but what do you think?"

"Oh, maybe a few months. But I think there will probably be a few scars left over. No problem though. I should just be thankful I'm alive."

"I'm definetely thankful you are. I don't think I, or all the other fans for that matter, could have lived without you!"

He laughed softly. "Well, we can put it all behind us now."

"Thank goodness," I said.

"Do you want your teddy bear back? I brought it home. It's in a bag with other gifts," Tay told me.

"Um, no. You keep it. I want you to have something to think of me with." With that, I handed him my Hanson CD cover. "Maybe this isn't the best time, but... will you-"

"Sign it?"

"Yea," I said with a short laugh because Taylor had finished my sentence.

"Sure," he told me and I handed him the CD and a pen. Taylor scribbled out his name and I stuck the album down on my dresser.

"Well, I guess now all we have to do is wait." I layed back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling.

"For what?"


The door burst open. Isaac walked in. "Hey Jen. They're ready now," he said with a slight grin.

"Who? What?" Tay sputtered out, totally clueless.

"Nothing Taylor. We just want to show you something upstairs. Come on," I said and wheeled him over to the door.

"No, what's going on?" he asked again.

"Nothing. It'll be cool though. I promise," I told him and he layed back peacefully as Isaac and I carried his chair up the steps.

"Close your eyes," Isaac ordered him and Taylor obediantly covered his eyes with his hands.

"Tell me when to look," he said with a small sense of what was going on.

We reached the landing and I set Tay on the floor. Then we rolled him into the living room quietly. "Can I look now?" he asked impatiently.

"No, not yet."

"Uh! Picky, picky, aren't we?"

Isaac disappeared around the corner for a few more minutes while I sat with Tay on the couch. I could tell he was getting tired of all of this.

Eventually, Ike pocked his head in the room and nodded. I smiled. "Alrighty, Tay. Almost time," I said and rolled him into the next room.

We stopped smack in the center of the mess around me and I just had to laugh at what we were about to do. "Okay, you can look now," I directed at Taylor.

"Finally," he said with a quick sigh of relief.

I watched excitingly as he pulled his hands away from his eyes and blinked twice before he realized what was going on.

"Holy monkeys!" Tay cried with his jaw hanging open.

"Surprise! Welcome back!" everyone yelled.

I swear Taylor almost fell out of his chair at that moment. I couldn't blame him either. My family and the Hansons were both crowded in the dinning room with party type hats on and confetti everywhere. The place was a mess. There were more cards and gifts to last for a year and the main feature was the huge decorated cake in the center of the table.

Jessica Hanson ran up to Tay and handed him a noise maker. "I love you, big brother," she said and gave him a hug.

"What the-" Tay managed to spit out.

"It's your party, Taylor," my mom said.

"It's a welcome back party," my dad added.

"It's a cewebation," Mackie chirpped and blew his noise maker. We all laughed.

Ms. Hanson cut out slices of cake and we started partying. I don't think I'd ever eaten as much before. We put on music and watched a movie afterwards. Taylor was back and it was a cause for celebration. These were the happiest moments of my life.

Taylor looked at his gifts with amusement. "Don't you think I've got enough of this stuff?" he said and laughed.

PJ, my parrot, sang along with Ike and Zac as they sang a few songs acappella. Taylor joined in happily. I bet he was glad to be back with his brothers.

The day slowly drifted by and late in the evening, Ike, Tay, Zac and I went down to my room. I was happy when Tay moved his sleeping bag next to me again. It was just like before the accident, and before our fight when we were just getting to know each other.

I don't think any of us got barely wink of sleep that night. We stayed up all night long remembering the entire trip. Everything that had happened. We also played our last game of truth or dare that we ever would play in a long time.

I eventually dozed off peacefully with Tay in his bag next to me. It was nice to know that he'd be there in the morning before the Hansons would leave. I just wished it didn't have to be tommorow.

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