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segment fourty-eight

I was writing silently in my journal when Zac came into my room. "Hey Jennifer," he said and walked over near his back- pack. "I just need to get something.." he stopped short when I sniffled a little a sobbed some more, letting my tears flow.

Zac looked up and I covered my face. He only reminded me more of Taylor. "What's wrong?" Zac asked and came up next to me.

"Nothing Zac... it's just that Taylor... he's..." I burst into tears again. "Why'd my mom have to ground me!?"

"Because you tried to be with Taylor," Zac finished for me. I looked at him like he wasn't helping. "Personally, I'd do the same thing if I liked someone, you know." He came over to me and patted me on the back.

"You would?"

"Yea, and I don't see a good reason to why your mom grounded you."

I smiled at him. "Ditto."

"So, I guess this means that you like this guy a lot, don't you?"

I nodded. "Don't worry. He'll wake up," Zac said reassuringly.

"I know he'll wake up," I told him calmly without crying.

Zac smiled at me. "I'll be the first to break the good news to you, you can count on that."

"Thanks little bro!" I told him playfully.

"You mean little bro-in-law," he corrected me jokingly. We both laughed.

When I'd calmed down I told him, "I think that's a couple of years ahead, Zac."

"It's always good to plan ahead," he said and skipped out of the room.

Later on in the evening, my mom came down and told me it was time for dinner. She also said that I was allowed to leave my room, I just wasn't allowed to leave the house. I could tell she had told everyone what I had been up to that day, because I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I trotted up the stairs to the kitchen.

It just wasn't the same without Taylor. Everything was different. My parents had set up a buffet type table set up since they had gotten tired of to many people squashed together for dinner. Once you had gotten your food, you could go anywhere in the house to eat.

I grabbed a chicken leg and sat on the couch to finish writing in my journal. I was sketching down my entire story about Hanson's visit. I wrote down everything up to dinner that night. Then I stopped. So far, it was over. There was nothing else to jot down.

Ike came over and sat on the chair next to me. "Hey Jen," he said with a mouthful of corn.

"Hey Ikey-poos," I replied without looking up from my blank book.

"So, what did you do today at the hospital?" Ike asked me after swallowing the food.

"I talked to Taylor," I told him.

I saw Ike spit his food out onto his plate in disgust. Ewww!

"This stuff tastes terrible!" he said and got up to dump it in the trash.

"Not a big fan of my mom's cooking, huh?"

He shook his head with a look of disgust on his face. "Same here," I told him and thought up a few things to write in my book.

Zac came over and sat next to me. He was munching away on a ton of stuff off of the table. How could he stand eating that? "Hey Guys," he said and looked at us as we stared back at him in disgust.

"What?" he asked when we continued to give him confused looks.

"Nothing," I said and turned back to what I was doing.

"No, really, what?"

"Nothing Zac. Absolutely nothing."

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