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segment fourty-three

I felt a sudden ball well up in my throat. "What!? That can't happen! How? Why? NO!" I choked out as if I were about to cry.

"You saw when the train hit the car, right?"

I nodded. "Well, it hit Taylor's side and dented the car badly. He was hurt very badly by the crash. When you were driven off the track, Jennifer, the car practically turned over. It was a convertable and we think it landed on his side... " my mother stopped when she saw the tears forming in my eyes. I sat up and didn't care about the pain.

I felt dizzy, but ignored it. All I could think about was Taylor. I started to sobb and my parents hugged me close. We were silent as I cried. When I pulled away, I asked, "Will he get better? Do they know if he will be okay? This couldn't of happened. I don't know how..."

"They're not sure yet. He was in critical condition in the emergency room. His fractures are bandaged and his body has returned to normal in intensive care now, but he's still unconcious." I sniffled. "They're keeping him here. The doctors say he might... " she stopped. I was glad because I didn't want her to continue.

I layed back down on the bed and sighed. The tears wouldn't stop. As if I hadn't cryed enough already. Why did this have to happen? Especially when things were just getting better. I looked down at my cast and got even more gloomy. My tears dripped all over it.

I didn't blame Zac or Ike for what had happened. It wasn't their fault. Tay... he has to be alright! He just has to! I felt the silent tears come.

"The doctor said that you will be able to come home with us today. You don't have to stay here. As soon as you're ready, we can leave," my dad said to cheer me up. He wasn't doing a good job. I wanted to leave the hospital, but I couldn't just leave Tay!

"Can I see Taylor?" I asked hopefully.

"I don't know, but we could see."

"I want to see him now. I have to. Where is he," I said and jumped out of the bed. I got up to fast and had to lie back down again for a few minutes. "I think I'm capable of walking," I said and hopped out of bed."

"I don't think so," my parents both said. "I think you'll have to stick with a wheelchair until you feel better."

I didn't enjoy the idea, but it was the only way. My parents escorted me out of the hospital bed room in a wheelchair. The room had been quiet and empty, but the hallways were filled with nurses and doctors and patients of all sorts. It was still five in the morning!

As we entered the waiting room, I saw the Hanson family. They were all there, except for Taylor. I felt my sadness take full blast when I saw Diana and Walker crying while Jessica, Avery, and Mackenzie looked confused and tired. Zoe was in a small carriage and, of course, she was crying. Zac and Ike were on another couch nearby. They were both looking down. Of course, I couldn't blame them. No one could. We all felt the same.

I told my sister that I could wheel the chair myself and made her bug off. I didn't know why I even needed the stupid thing. With my one free arm, I rolled over to the couch near the two Hanson brothers. "Ike? Zac?" I asked them and they looked up.

Zac tried to manage a smile. "How's the arm?" Isaac asked me quietly.

"Better." Zac looked up.

"Hey, can I sign it?" he asked me without his usual spark of hyperness.

"Sure. Go ahead," I told him and handed my arm out to him. Zac reached into his back pocket and pulled out a blue marker.

He smirked at me. "It's for autographs," he said and then signed "ZAC" in big letters along with a smiley face. I managed a short laugh. "Have you seen Taylor yet?" I asked suddenly.

"Uh, yea," Ike said quickly. "That's why our parents are acting like that," he said and nodded towards his sobbing parents.

I nodded. "How's he doing.. if you know?"

Zac shook his head as if to say, "I don't know and I don't feel like talking about it." I understood the look and decided not to say anything about the subject, although it was hard. I had so many questions to ask. Instead, I stared out at nothing.. not doing anything. I hoped my parents would hurry up and let me go visit Taylor. I wanted to see him and I had to do it soon before I had an emotional break down in front of everyone.

I looked over at the brace that Isaac's sprained wrist was lying in. He cradled it like a secret from the past that he had to protect from everyone. I thought about what this would do to Hanson's career. First of all, word would eventually get out and there would be terrified and beyond sad obsessed fans. Once Taylor would be out of the hospital he would have to spend his birthday in casts. This could delay the tour planned for summer and it would also take off a bunch of appearences from their list. I felt horrible.

Sooner or later, my dad came over to where I was sitting and woke me up from my lifeless gaze. "Jennifer, the doctors are alowing you to see Taylor in intensive care. They were letting in only relations and the direct family, but since you were at the accident, they'll let you."

I was relieved, yet nervous. Taylor was in intensive care so what was his condidtion? Nobody had answered that for me yet. I was afraid of what I was going to see. I couldn't stand the thought of Taylor getting hurt. We stopped outside of a door that said "IC" in big, bold letters. The doctor with us unlocked the door and my dad wheeled me inside.

"Jennifer," he said as he turned for the door, "just come and get us once you want to leave." Then he left.

I sat in the small wheelchair for a few minutes longer, staring out into the dark room at a bed not that far away. Taylor... I'm here for you...

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