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segment fourty

We climbed into the car with Tay and I in the back seat. This time we weren't silent. Zac turned around and smiled at us after he realized what had happened.

"So, I guess you didn't need my help after all," he chirped slyly. I slapped him lightly on the shoulder. Taylor started up a conversation about how he was so sorry. He just wouldn't stop apologizing to me. I was relieved that I could finally put this whole thing behind me!

It was too bad that they would be leaving on Sunday. Just when things were finally working out with Tay he has to leave! Not fair. Well, they do have to go home sometime. I mean, they've probably got a major case of homesickness. I know I would.

Taylor then explained to me why he chose to ignore me, and then practically all his locked up feelings from the past few days. After only a few minutes in the car, Zac pipped up with something we were not expecting.

"Hey guys! I'm hungry!"

We all stared at him in surprise. "You're hungry already? Zac, we just ate!" Ike exclaimed.

Zac shrugged. "So, I'm hungry again."

Taylor sighed. "Okay, where are we going now?"

"Dairy Queen!" I shouted when the restraunt came into view at that moment.

"Yea! Let's go to DQ!" Zac shouted and waved his hands in the air. Isaac pulled the car over and parked in a spot smack in front of Dairy Queen. Zac and I both hopped out and raced inside. Okay, so I was a tad bit hungry as well.

Taylor watched in horror as Zac ordered a chocolate cone dipped in chocolate, the largest chocolate chip and M&M cookie that they had, an oreo blizzard, and a large Dr. Pepper.

"Okay Squirt, you're paying for your own snack," Ike said and ordered a vanilla shake.

I searched the tubs of ice cream and tried to decide on what I wanted. Finally, I picked out a simple mint chocolate chip cone and stepped aside to let Taylor get something.

"Umm... umm... I don't think I want anything right now," he said and stepped back.

"Oh, come on Tay. Don't be a party pooper. The last time we had desert together was at the rollarblading rink. That was a century ago!"

Zac looked interested. "Now that was something I never heard about." Taylor laughed.

"Okay, fine... let's see... what should I have?"

"Uh, duh Taylor! Strawberry, remember? It's your favorite!" I exclaimed. He turned and gave me a funny look.

"Gee, I wonder how you figured that out!" Then he turned to the Dairy Queen employee. "I'll just have a starberry cone."

"Will that be all?" The employee asked us. I looked at the name tag pinned to his shirt.

"Uh, yea... Joe," I said to him. Joe punched a bunch of buttons on the cash register and then said, "That will be $17.50, please."

Zac choked on the Dr. Pepper. "Seventeen dollars and fifty cents! Ah man, I'm broke," he said and pulled a few bucks from his pocket.

I leaned over to whisper into Tay's ear. "Ah, he's so sweet paying for all of us instead of just himself." Taylor giggled.

"I heard that and no, I am not! Ike is paying for you."

We all laughed and carried our stuff out to the car after paying. A few minutes later, Zac had already consumed the entire meal he had bought. "Holy cow, Zac! Stop being a pig. I'm not even halfway through yet," I told him.

I hurried to finish my ice cream as we drove on. It takes about fourty-five minutes to get from Roanoke back to Blacksburg and only ten minutes had passed by so far. As we eventually neared Christiansburg, I had finally devoured every last bit of my mint chocolate chip cone. Taylor inhaled his faster than I did and it was the same thing for Ike. I guess I'm just a slow eater.

To help pass time, I ordered Zac to flip the radio to K92 for some good music.

"And next by request is 'I Will Come To You,' by Hanson. In case you don't know, Hanson is that wonderful trio from Tulsa of three teenage boys.. wait a minute, aren't they girls? Anyways, here's the song..."

"How rude," I stated and stared at the radio. "I hate it when they do that!"

"Don't worry, we aren't offended. That idiot's just jealous of are cutie-patootie looks," Zac announced and pretended to fluff his hair.

That made us all burst into laughter.

"So, Taylor, have you and Jennifer gotten back together?" Ike asked us from the driver's seat.

Taylor looked surprised at the question. I guess he wasn't expecting it. "Well, not exactly. You see, we both agreed that it would be better for both of us if we were just friends... for now at least. But we're back to normal now," he added and put his arm around me. I blushed and put mine around his.

"What are you gonna do about Nancy?" Zac asked and slipped on a pair of sunglasses.

Taylor shook his head. "What's the big deal about Nancy? Why is everyone asking about her?"

"Well, you did go out with her, didn't you?"

This time he sighed. "Look, we're just friends, okay. That wasn't a date, just a friendly hangout. All we did was shop downtown."

Yes! I knew I had been right about that all along! "But does Nancy know it's nothing serious?" Ike interupted my thoughts.

Suddenly Taylor's face turned white. "Umm... no. At least I don't think so. How am I gonna tell her though?"

"Best just leave it alone. She'll never notice," Isaac said and continued driving.

"Well, I hope that works."

"No sweat, Tay!"

"Okay, guys! Let's get a move on and hurry up. I wanna get home soon! Tommorow's your last day and I want to be able to stay awake for it!" I yelled and heard Isaac speed up the car. I relaxed my head against the back of the seat as Zac rolled down the hood for a good burst of February wind.

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