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segment thirty-four

PJ was perched on my finger as I silently ruffled the bird's head feathers. I was sitting at my computer, online and talking to friends. I had nothing else to do.

Zac was in the chair next to me, also connected to the internet, but he was on his own lap-top. Just as a joke, he'd email me even though I was sitting right next to him.

I loved his email address! was perfect for him. I just couldn't understand why no one had already figured it out. I mean, Zac is a hyper boy!

At the moment, I was emailing my friend Nancy from school. Another big Hanson fan. I was glad their was someone like her that I could talk to at the moment. I had already tried Jessica, Amy, and Emily and found that they were all busy in one way or another.

"Hey Zac-Man, guess what?" I quized him cheerfully.

"Wait, don't tell me. California sunk into the sea!"

"No silly! Nancy's online. You know, from the concert. She's the one with the cool Hanson page that I showed you."

"Oh, really? Cool!"

"Wanna chat with her by any chance? She's got nothing else to do."

"Ooooh! I'd love it. I'm on my way," he said and entered the URL to my private chat room.

I emailed Nancy and told her to meet me there. She wanted to know what for, but I told her it was a surprise. I logged in under 'JenSim' and noticed Zac was 'Prozac.' We both waited until Nancy showed up under 'Cye' which is her nickname.

JenSim: Hey Nancy! It's about time that you showed up!
Cye: Is Prozac who I think he is?
Prozac: Ding, ding, ding! Zac-Man is very hyper today!
Cye: Oh my gosh! Cool. What's up Zac?
Prozac: All clear here... partly sunny
JenSim: the cloudy part would have to be my mood
Cye: Why? What happened?
JenSim: Long story. Zac.. explain
Prozac: Jenny-poos had a bad fight with Wonder Boy
Cye: Would Wonder Boy mean Tay?
JenSim: hmmm.......
Prozac: they're not speaking
Cye: Okay, now I'm confused. What's with that?
Prozac: Like Jen said, long story. Let's just say that things aren't exactly "working out" with them
JenSim: ZAC!
Cye: Oh, wow. I didn't expect... well I'm still confused. Oh well. I just hope things get better.

Ooops! Silly me had forgotten to tell Nancy that Tay even liked me a slight bit. As far as she knew, we were just friends. As I wondered what to say to lighten things up and change the subject, 'Syl' came into the chatroom. That was Sylvia!

JenSim: Hey Syl! Took you long enough. Look who's here...
Syl: Zac! Hi! Didn't expect you here

I could tell that she was excited. Sylvia was a big Zac fan.

Prozac: Hey Syl! Long time, no see. What did you think of the concert the other day?
Syl: Loved it! Couldn't be better. Great performance on the drums
Prozac: Glad you enjoyed my charm.
Cye: Syl, where you been?
Syl: Sorry, computer problems
JenSim: Hey Zac, could you get Tay on? Lend him the lap-top
Cye: Ooooh, yeah! Get Taylor on...
Prozac: Sure, hold on. Buh-bye Cye! C-ya Syl!
*Prozac has logged off*

I saw Zac smile next to me with his toothy look. "I'll go give this to Tay," he said and picked the computer up and headed up the steps. I chatted with Sylvia and Nancy for a while until 'Smileyface' logged on. Who is that? I thought, not recognizing the nickname.

JenSim: who's there?
Smileyface: Hello, my name is Joe and I will be your tour guide for today...
JenSim: Ike, is that you?
Smileyface: Yuppers! Yo Cye! Yo Syl!
Cye: Hey Isaac
Syl: Whazup Ikey-poos?
Smileyface: All fine here. You should have been here yesterday. Zac, Jen and I went to laser tag. It was so FUN! Jen beat us though
JenSim: That was kewl! Anyways, I thought Tay was coming on
Smileyface: Actually, he's sitting right here next to me, watching everything we write. Wanna talk to him?
JenSim: Yea
Smileyface: okay, I'll try to get him to talk. Here he is...
*Smileyface has logged off*

I waited a few seconds until 'Jellybean' logged on.

Jellybean: Hey Guys!
Cye: Oh, hi Taylor! You sound cheerful today. What's cooking?
Jellybean: Oh, nothing much. All is kewl here. I'm having fun
JenSim: Tay... are you sure you don't want to talk? Sorry to interupt and all. I'm glad you're feeling better...
Jellybean: Hey Syl, what's up?
JenSim: Tay...
Syl: How's the vacation, Taylor?
Jellybean: Good. I was needing this break. We've got an interview on Friday, but that's OK
Cye: Taylor, have you visited my Hanson Page yet?
Jellybean: Sure have! I loved it. Make sure you keep updating
JenSim: Taylor, I'm sorry. Please talk to me.
Jellybean: Cye, do you have a boyfriend?
Cye: No, not right now
Jellybean: Cool, do you wanna hang sometime soon? Like, while we're still here?

I almost choked when I saw what Tay said to Nancy. Of course, my pleading for him to answer me wasn't working, but what do I see now... none other than Tay asking Nancy out! Maybe he was just trying to make me feel jealous or something. Maybe he wanted to keep his pride and show me he didn't care anymore. Still, I couldn't help but wonder...

Cye: Are you serious Tay? If so, I'd love to!!
JenSim: Taylor, what's going on. Look, I'm sorry about the other night... and the night before. Just, please listen once. I don't want this to continue...
Jellybean: Yeah, I'm serious. I'd love to get to know you better. I'm in to meeting new people anytime.
Syl: Um, Tay? Why are you suddenly ignoring Jen?
Cye: Great, Tay!
Jellybean: I'll email ya, k?
Cye: Cool here.
Jellybean: OK, buh-bye
*Jellybean has logged off*
Cye: OK, bye guys! I'll see ya soon.
*Cye has logged off*
Syl: What just happened?
JenSim: I have no idea

I couldn't believe what had happened right in front of my eyes! Tay suddenly paying attention to Nancy! Did he just ask her out or was it just a friendly get together. I slumped just as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I logged off after saying bye to Syl and turned to see Isaac walking towards me.

"I saw it all," he said concerned.

"What just happened?" I asked him, repeating the same question already asked twice!

"Don't worry. I think Taylor's just trying to get back at you... but then again, I can never tell with him."

"Is he really going to go somewhere with Nancy?" I asked him a second question.

"It looks like it. I don't know what will happen from there. He just mailed her." I gave him a worried and depressed look. "I asked if he was sure of what he was doing. As far as I see, Tay was beig his cheery normal self again today."

I looked back at the computer monitor curiously. I was still on the the chat room's page. The ghostly words that had just been typed still haunted the screen. I bit my lip. Tay... I thought as if trying to talk to him through my head. I'm sorry. So sorry! Please don't do this! I love you almost more than anything. Well, maybe love is too strong a word, but... please! This time I didn't cry. I guess my tears had all been worn out.

Instead, I was filled with curiosity and wonder.

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