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segment twenty-three

It took me a while to realize that I'd left my computer on the whole time! I scooted the chair over and saw I had yet another new message to read. This time it was from Mark.

Hey Jen,
Sorry about the other night and I feel really bad cause I know you'll never speak to me again for the way I treated you. I still can't figure out why you'd want some blonde-haired beauty freak instead of me! Call me sometime if you want to talk. Or, I can take you for a ride in my new convertible if ya like! Hope to hear from you soon.
Your #1 Love,

I sighed and saved it to another folder. Some boys just don't give up do they! So what if he had a new shiny convertable!? What did I care? I wondered if he'd broke his nose or if it was just fine and dandy except for a big bruise that was probably smack in the midle of it.

After a little more searching around, I reached for the switch of the computer, but didn't get a chance to flip it before I realized someone had grabbed me from behind.

Surprised, I gasped and spun around. Tay smirked at me, his new choker dangled around his neck. I calmed down. "Tay, you've got to stop doing that! That's the second time already this week that you've scared the crap out of me."

"Gee, sorry. What's the harm in a friendly hug?"

"Well, I wouldn't exactly consider that a friendly hug," I said and laughed.

Tay switched his expression to a more serious look. "Why didn't you just tell me you liked me?" he asked.

"Well, wasn't it obvious the whole time? I mean, I did ask you out. Actually, that was sort of an accident."

He smiled and reached out to me. Gently, he brushed a few loose strands of hair away from my face. I smiled. Tay was so easy to feel relaxed around. He was so nice and sweet... and cute.

"Do you like me?" I heard myself saying without realizing it.

Tay pushed my hair back behind my ear. "Of course I like you, Jennifer." He blushed a little. "Infact, I think I liked you the first time I ever saw your picture."

I grasped his hand which was busy stroking my hair and held it tight. It was just like all those sad, mushy, sappy love stories that I've read. Except this time it was different. This time it was real.

I got up from the computer chair and bent over to switch it off. As the machine died down, Tay got up beside me. I felt him hug me close. Was this really happening to me? I felt like crying, jumping for joy, screaming, and throwing up all in one. Even though I'd already found out a few days ago, it seemed like this was the first time I'd discovered that Taylor Hanson actually liked me. I hugged him back and the world seemed to stop.

Right then I didn't care if time froze in its place. I didn't want to move. I felt as if I could sit there and hug him close all day.

As I reached up to stroke Tay's hair, I caught his stare. He leaned down to kiss me. It was almost natural now. Neither of us needed to show any signs of wether or not we wanted to, we would just kiss. It was strange. I barely got even close before my real-life fantasy was interupted...

"Stop the mushy stuff!" we heard a yell from the entrance of the room. Tay and I stopped and glared at Zac who started to giggle.

"Just wait until the fans find out about this..." he said slyly.

"Zac, if you tell anyone other than Ike about this, I promise you will not live to see the light of another day. You don't want to lose any fans do you?"

"Hey, relax, realx. I'm only kidding."

"Well, good. Now beat it!"

"Tay you sound like me when I'm trying to get rid of my sister," I told him and giggled.

Zac tip-toed out of the room. "Now, where were we?" asked Tay as he turned to me again. I blocked him.

"Wait a sec Tay. This is like my first free weekend in a long time. Do you think you might want to do something fun like go somewhere with me or something instead?"

I knew that sweet look on his face! "So, whatcha want to do?"

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