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segment twenty

By the time we reached Hanson's dressing room, I had forgotten about the strange thoughts I'd had earlier. Fortunetely, the hallway we had chosen was almost completely empty which made it easier to find the room.

A body guard stood right outside of the door, blocking us. You'd have to admit that he was actually very frightening to look at. The strong, dangerous looking type. I gulped loudly and showed him my pass, hoping he'd let us through.

"Kinda looks like one of the gym teachers, don't ya think?" Nancy whispered into my ear. Everyone giggled. The guard smiled, even though he had no idea the joke had been about him.

"You girls here to see Hanson?" he asked nicely. I smiled.

"Umm, yea. We've got passes..." everyone held out the bits of cardboard attached to string that had been tied around our necks.

The bodyguard smiled again. "Just a minute," he said and turned to open the door. He creaked it open a tad and peeked inside. "Are you three boys ready yet? There's a group of cute girls just dying to meet you." I heard someone from inside say something, but I couldn't understand what.

He turned to us again. "Welcome to Hanson's dressing room. Have fun!" the body guard told us and opened the door. Everyone ran in before me. I looked up and down the hallways. The other girls still hadn't found the dressing room yet!

When I walked inside, I looked around and saw the guys lounging around saying "hi" to my friends. Ike was busy putting away his guitar and talking to someone, Zac was gulping down a Dr. Pepper and chatting with Jessica, and poor Tay was busy talking to the rest of my classmates all at once! I laughed. He, of course, had no idea who any of them were.

"Hey Tay! You guys were awsome out there!" I yelled at him from the door. Taylor looked passed the crowd at me and smiled. "Hey Jen, come on over here!"

"Tay-tay, meet my buds," I told him and began introducing my friends to him.

When I introduced Emily, she squealed and stuck her hand out for Tay to shake, unlike everyone else. I could tell she was over excited. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Hi!" she choked out when Tay grabbed her hand.

"Hey Tay!" Zac interupted me. "Don't forget the surprise we've got for everyone with passes!" Zac yelled and ran over to a closet in the dressing room.

Everyone looked curiously while he searched for something hidden away. "Ah-ha!" cried Zac in triumph. He pulled out a large cardboard box and set it on a nearby table.

"Ooooooooooooh! What's inside???" I coaxed it out of them.

"You'll see..." said Zac as he pulled open the flaps.

We all ran over to him to see what the so called "surprise" was.

"Party bags!" yelled Zac. We all looked at him at him like he was a wacko... well he is already. "Just kidding..." he said after a pause. We all laughed.

"Okay, what's really in the box?" Jessica whined.

"Yes, do tell..." I said in an english accent.

"Alright, alright, we'll tell ya," said Tay as he looked into the box. He reached inside to pull something.

"We got something for all of you guys, k? There are Hanson t-shirts and boxes of chocolate in here," Zac said in a "Tulsa, Oklahoma" accent. How sweet of them! They didn't even tell ME about this! I thought.

Zac and Tay grabbed a hand full of stuff and tossed it to everybody. Everyone smiled. Tay walked over to me and handed me a t-shirt and a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

"Here you go Jennifer. Happy Valentine's Day," Tay said quietly. I felt myself blush.

"Thanks Tay," I whispered.

"For once you're the one blushing instead of me," he said and laughed.

"Well, Tay, for your info, I think I can barely make out a little red spot right about... there," I said and gently stroked my hand across his cheek. Then he blushed for real.

Emily spotted us. "Hey! You're supposed to be kissing me now Tay!" she yelled. I laughed.

"Excuse me," Tay choked out, "but I think I hear my mommy calling me." He bit his lip, blushed harder, ran towards the dressing room door, and dashed into the hallway. I laughed again. So did everybody else.

"How often does he do this?" one of my buds asked.

"Not a lot. Only when he's around Jennifer," Ike joked. Everyone laughed harder at that, thinking it wasn't true.

Suddenly we heard millions of muffled screams coming from the hallway. Taylor instantly reappeared inside the room.

"The fans... are running... down the hall," Tay managed between breathes. "Hide me!" he said and ran into the closet.

"You didn't see me either!" cried Zac, who headed for the bathroom. Ike shrugged at us. The door burst open and tons of girls screamed as they pushed and shoved to get inside.

"Help..." Ike managed to mutter before he was mobbed.

"Where's Tay?" and "Oh my gosh! Zac's missing!" could be heard everywhere. It wouldn't take them long before they found the closet and searched the bathroom.

I ran over to Ike. "Well, I think we should leave now, k? I'll see you later Ikey-poos! Tell buh-bye to Tay-Tay and Zac-Man for us." He managed to wave "bye" and I went to find my friends. All happy, we left the dressing room and left Ike, Tay, and Zac to get mobbed while handing out goodies back inside.

"They're sooooo nice," cooed Emily, admiring her newly autographed t-shirt.

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