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segment nineteen

I chatted with my friends and looked around the auditorium. There were screaming, restless girls all over the place. They completely filled up every single seat. There were also lots of photographers everywhere, mostly on the balconys. I bet they're from teen magazines, I thought to myself.

There were bunches of pink and red decorations everywhere, matching the valentine's day theme. It looked kind of corny. Especially the huge banner over the stage that said: 'Hanson Wants You To Be Their Valentine!'

Suddenly the announcer came onto the loudspeaker. "Welcome Hanson fans! And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... Hanson's Valentine Bash! Here's Isaac, Taylor, and Zac HANSON!"

I smiled and thought, Why does everything here have to be so corny! The curtains opened and Hanson ran onstage. The crowd went wild! I mean, it was defening! I couldn't here myself think! Fans jumped up and down in their seats and began waving signs around. Even my friends were doing the same. I stood up so I wouldn't look out of place, my camera was in hand.

"Hey guys! Thanks for coming!" Ike yelled into the microphone.

"Yuppers! We're really glad you're all in one piece, and we're sorry you have sit there, squashed like sardins!" Zac yelled (you've probably heard the wav to that before).

"Alright, now everyone knows it's Valentine's day.. so we're going to start with 'Thinking Of You' to go along with the theme." Tay said as he flipped the switch on his keyboard.

'Thinking of You' started up and I felt myself start to jump along in my seat, just like everyone else. Halfway through the song, I screamed as loud as I could! Taylor noticed and looked down at me from the stage like I had gone mad. I shrugged at him.

I wonder if any photographers caught his look with their cameras? I laughed to myself and then began to sing along.

The song ended and they switched to 'A Minute Without You.' Everyone clapped and cheered and sang along with it. You just had to love Ike's romantic voice as he took lead!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" a girl behind me yelled as hard as she could! I practically jumped up onto the stage! Geeze, why do they have to do that? I asked myself as I made sure I could still hear.

"Tay's #1! Tay's #1! Tay's #1..." I could hear a group of girls chanting in a few rows back. I saw Taylor blush. He looked so sweet.

They launched 'Where's The Love' which really got the crowd going. The screaming girls sang along and clapped while Hanson encouraged them to do more! Ike got to his guitar solo which really made everyone even louder.

"Isn't Zac dreamy?" a girl sitting nearby asked nobody inpaticular. I laughed. Somebody talking to themselves is always a funny sight!

"Oh Ike... Come on.... Yeah baby! Do your guitar thing!" Okay, now this was getting weird. Some of these people were acting very strange!

I looked over at Emily who was cheering and singing along. I figured, 'why not have fun instead of watching other people?' and joined the fans in yelling my head off again.

"MMMBop! MMMBop! MMMBop! MMMBop! MMMBop! We want MMMBop!" chanted the girls through-out the auditorium. I joined them in begging for the song!

"Okay, okay you guys!" Zac said.

"Yea, we'll play MMMBop, k?" Ike told us and we screamed. Typical Hanson show.... screams, screams, and more screams!

'MMMBop' filled the auditorium. The bass guitar stood out loud and clear. I remembered what it was like to play with Hanson on the bass. Oh well, this guy was a whole lot better!

After 'MMMBop', they played 'I Will Come To You', 'Lucy', 'Madeline', and finally, 'Man From Milwaukee'!

I was hipnotized by their music and I saw everything in slow motion. Even though I was having fun, it wasn't the same. Suddenly I felt strange. A girl nearby screamed on the top of her lungs that she loved Taylor. Did she really? Then I realized something, had I loved Tay the whole time, or did I just like him a lot because he was famous and in a popular band?

I looked up on stage, forgetting that I was hear to listen to Hanson's music. I concentrated on Tay. Did I just want something to brag about? Time seemed to stop as I stared hard at him. This was the famous celebrity that I had met only a few days ago, except now it felt like I had known him forever. Suddenly he wasn't the cute, blonde haired, blue eyed, adorable, lead-singer of Hanson. Instead, he was just another guy that I knew. No big deal. I searched inside for my feelings that I knew so well whenever I thought of him, but.. I almost couldn't find them.

It didn't feel right. Did I love him or not? Did I even like him? Was the way I used to feel even for real? I was suddenly beginning to confuse and scare myself. Jennifer! What's wrong with you? You're here to listen to Hanson sing MMMBop and have fun, not to wonder whether Tay is still #1 or not! But I couldn't control myself.

Suddenly, I awoke from my day dreaming. Someone nugged me in the side.

"Hey Jen... you awake? Come on, the show's over," my friend Amy told me. I looked around. All the girls were applauding loudly and Hanson was up on stage smiling. They were done already! The concert had ended faster than I thought it would.

I began to clap too and Ike, Tay, and Zac left the stage. Girls everywhere began to exit the auditoium.... NOT in an orderly fashion. I saw a group head towards the side doors. Everyone there was holding a backstage pass.

"Come on guys," I motioned to my friends. "We'd better get backstage before everyone else does."

We began to chit chat with eachother as we headed towards a side door. Emily began talking to me about the concert. I wasn't paying the slightest attention to her though. Instead, I was thinking about the way I had felt only a few minutes ago. It was so weird, it was strange...

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