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segment fourteen

"Okay, so let me get this straight," said Zac. "Tommorow at noon we're going to the auditorium to practice until 6 o'clock?"

"Yup, at least that's how Ike and I thought we should go about it," explained Taylor.

It was late at night and we were all in my room. Ike and Taylor had been telling Zac the plans for the next day. I sat silently by myself watching them talk back and forth as if I wasn't even there.

"You expect me to waste most of my day on practice we don't need?" complained Zac.

"Zac, you know how important practice is! We want to get this performance perfect. You usually don't disagree like this," said Ike.

"But I thought this was vacation!" he protested.

"It's only one performance in 2 weeks, Zac."

"But, but..."

"What do you think Jennifer?" they finally noticed me. "Should we practice that long or not?"

So now they were counting on me to decide what to do in there career. "Umm, I guess that long a practice would be good if you want to do well in the concert... but I don't really think I should have any say. You guys are the ones who are gonna be singing-"

"There Zac! Don't you see. It's good for us. Jennifer said so."

"Ugh! You guys are going to trust a GIRL?? What's gotten into you? You know what this means don't you?"

Ike and Tay rolled their eyes. "What does it mean, Zac?" they asked unenthusiastically.

"PILLOW FIGHT!!!!" he yelled and hit Taylor hard with his pillow since he was nearby.

"Hey," yelled Taylor as he jumped back and landed on top of me.

"Ooops. Sorry," he apologized and grabbed his pillow. "Your gonna die Zac!!!!"

"Oh, I'm sooooooo scared," he said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. I jumped up on the bed out of there way. I laughed as they ran around the room hitting each other with pillows. Taylor knocked Zac's pillow out of his hand and it flew into the air. It landed on Isaac.

"So you're dragging me into this now aren't you?" he said and grabbed the pillow.

"Ha ya!!!!!!!!" he yelled and smuthered Zac with his pillow.

"Ahh! Let me out! Let me out!"

They were being so halarious! I wondered if they were always like this? But what was I waiting around for? Didn't I want to get in on the fun? Of course. I grabbed up my pillow and jumped to the floor. "Gotcha Ike!" I jumped up behind him and pushed him to the floor with my pillow.

Taylor came up and hit me hard. I hit him back. I couldn't remember the last time that I'd had a pillow fight with my friends and it's not everyday that you get to have a pillow fight with three famous guys. Especially when they hit you back.

Just then Mackie walked in the door, rubbing his eyes. "What's going on guys? Why is it so loud?" he asked in a tired and cranky voice.

"Oh, Mackie. We're sorry. We didn't mean to wake you up. It's all right. You can go back to bed now," Taylor went over to give him a hug.

Even though Tay tried to get him to go back out to bed, you know how little brothers can get cranky after naps. Makenzie started crying. I went over to help comfort him. Too late.

"Taylor, what is going on?" said a stern voice. We looked up and saw Diana standing in the doorway. Ike and Zac looked up too. "Why are you three still up?" she directed at Ike, Tay, and Zac. "Jennifer, I don't think your mother would be pleased either." She's right. My mother would not exactly be a picnic.

"Mom, we're fine. We were just about to go to bed anyway.." protested Isaac.

"Well, then get to bed. You know you're going to be very busy tommorow. You want to be all rested don't you."

"They were just going over plans for tommorow," I told her.

"Well, okay then. Just, please, try and get some sleep." She turned to Mackie. "Come on baby, I'll tuck you back under your covers."

Diana and Makenzie left the room. We listened quietly for them to go to bed. Then we got back into our sleeping bags.

"So, Zac, are you still unhappy with the schedule?" I asked him.

"Umm, lets just skip the argument and say I agreed." I smiled and reached over to turn the lights out.

As I tried to get to sleep I heard Taylor whisper to me. "Don't forget what we've got planned tommorow..."

I nodded, rolled over, and began to dream about the next day.

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